Monday, August 8, 2011

May 23rd- June 2nd


Alright I cannot believe this! Am I going to have any friends by the time I get home? Wow, this is so crazy. I am excited for Melissa though, that is great. Also, I want it to be known in big bold letters Hillary Taylor owes me some DINNER! We had a bet that Megan would be either engaged or married by the time I got home and sure enough Megan sent me a letter telling me the news.

Okay so first thing first, Qian wen chen (Olivia) was BAPTISED! It was a really great baptism and had a very sweet spirit. Fiona her friend made an intermission DVD that is so great. She gave me a copy and so I will send it home soon. It is extremely Chinese/great you will love it.

Sunny our other Chinese investigator whom we have been teaching for a while accepted a baptismal date! She is going to get baptised on the 11th of June and is very excited. On Saturday she had us over for lunch. She homemade sushi and pot stickers for us all from scratch. It was delicious and I am actually starting to really like fish, well at least the sushi. Can you believe it?

Last week we had our Multi-zone-trainings and it went really well. We trained on weekly planning, specifically, how to plan efficiently and by revelation. Tomorrow we are having another sports day at the Manchester South building (the one I just came from) and so every one is excited for that. Pray that it won’t rain. Today it is raining but that’s not much of a sign of anything.

This week I spent a little time studying the epistle of Timothy. These scriptures have touched my heart greatly and that is because of the motivation it gives me to do missionary work and accept persecution. I especially love in 2 Tim 1: 7 were he speaks about God giving us the spirit of power and love and of a sound mind so that we can go out and find the elect. I never before knew the power that these scriptures have but after my study recently I have much greater appreciation for Paul’s writings.

Love you,

Mom was it a huge bday party or was it more intimate? I would have loved you to stop that wheelchair and get to speak to him! His family is amazing. Also, sounds like some Chicago trip! Wow. Too bad we just spoke sometime I wish we could skip this whole email business and just give you a ring. Good thing the next one is only in a few months! Love you

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