Monday, August 8, 2011

June 2 - June 6


Oh my goodness I cannot believe that Shelby is already married! Wow, that is crazy. I feel bad I haven’t written her yet but let her know that one day I will. When it is I don’t know… Make sure you tell her congratulations and that she looked beautiful.
All my friends looked great and I love the blanket. Who would have known…?

Well you would not believe it but I am gone from Liverpool and now in Chester. Chester is the zone that includes Wales and so I am extremely excited to be here. This will be the true English/Welsh experience. The town is beautiful and everything is green green green. Also, my companion is not from UTAH!!!! He is actually not even from America but from Finland. Elder Metsaranta is amazing and we are going to have a great transfer.

Well saying goodbye to all the wonderful people in Liverpool was quite sad. On Tuesday we had another huge Chinese hot pot where we were able to all get together as well Fiona and Olivia had us over for lunch. It was truly a wonderful opportunity getting to teach them and see the change that the gospel brought to their life. Fiona is one of the kindest persons in the world. When she found out that I was leaving she stayed up until 3 in the morning making me a gift. What she did is she folded these Chinese stars that are made out of thin strips of paper and folded into a star. On each of them they have little had written inspirational thoughts. She made over 200 and I am supposed to open up one a day. She is incredible. I will have to send a picture so you can see how much work it really was. She had already started a while ago but didn’t expect me to leave so soon. That’s why she stayed up the entire night.

Sunny is still doing well and is getting ready for her baptism next weekend. She is an amazing person and hopefully we will be able to drive up and witness it. You would not believe her understanding of the book of Mormon. She gets it better than most Mormons let alone someone who knew nothing about Jesus Christ a year ago! The other day she wanted us to explain to her Alma 41 and why Adam could not partake of the tree of life anymore.    

Well family my life has turned around in only a day and so my memory is shot of what happened last week. Hopefully by Monday I will have some good stories for you. Tell then I love you.


 ps. the boat looks good.

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