Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 11th- 18th


Wow, this has been a blessed week. You would not believe how much can be crammed into 7 little days! Just yesterday, we tried by a potential investigator and had Wu, a recent convert, fellowship with us. The confirmed lesson fell through; however, after our recent trainings from the assistants, we were able to do some street contacting with the member. In just a matter of minutes we taught two lessons and set up 4 appointments! Not only did we see great success but also one of the street lessons was a Chinese student. Wu was able to really help teach and add strong testimony to our message in this young mans native tongue.

This week I was able to go on an Exchange with Elder Welch who is from the legendary Bountiful. He even went to Bountiful high. He is a really good missionary and came out only a transfer after me. We were able to see some great miracles. In the morning we only had a short amount of time to find. Before leaving we prayed with the expectation to teach someone on the spot. The Lord blessed us and we set up many appointments and taught someone right on the spot.

Madhav from the Man South ward was baptised this week. Elder Darrow and I were able to drive over for an hour and witness the baptism. It was really great to see him and many of the members who I did not get to say goodbye to. He was really nervous but after it all said that he felt wonderful. Also, I don’t know if you remember but from Bolton we were teaching a young woman named Lauren (who got baptised) as well as her boyfriend Tom. For some reason after I left Tom did not get baptised but continued seeing the missionaries. This weekend he was finally baptised!

Right now, Allen the YSA who we are teaching is doing really great. He is on tract for his baptism on the 16th. We have been through most of the difficult commandments and he has accepted everything. He is doing really well.

Tonight, we have to teach FHE to all of the YSA in Liverpool. We are not sure what we are going to do, how long it needs to be, or when it starts, but it should be lots of fun! 

This week we had interviews and trainings. It went really well and I had a great interview with president. I believe we will have one more before he leaves. The new mission president comes if I remember right the 10th of July. June is going to be a great month. Apparently, President has planned some exciting things before he heads off. This is Elder Darrows last P-day. He heads off on next Wednesday and will be back in the warm sun. I grateful to be serving with him because he just continues to work harder knowing his time is limited instead of some these dead missionaries who just cant wait to go home. This week we taught the most lessons I have ever taught on my mission including all of the extra things we did. Miracles.    

Family i am so GLAD to know that you are having missionary experience! I want you to know that I have been praying for you to have just that. When members do missionary work miracles occur! You are so great. Tell me more about what happened to the woman...did she hit her head or what the letter was unclear. How did they feel about the gospel? Did they accept the missionaries to come?

Sorry my letters are so choppy and I don’t tell you about all of our investigators. It is hard because right now we have been so blessed and it is difficult to decide which ones to write about. However, I cannot complain I could not ask for a better problem to have!

I love you, glad to know things are going well and your back and safe!

Love, Richard

PS. Is it possible for me to get a costco card from you?? If it is that would be  great.  I was just wondering if its a matter of mailing an extra card  lyring around the house.   If not or if there is any trouble i dont need it dont worry about it.

1. How is Pool? On fire!!!!
2. Is it going to get really quiet there during the summer since it's a college town? No it is a big city and lots of people. Many of the Chinese go back but there are still lots of people.
3. Are you eating Indian food? What do you think?! Yes I eat curries all the time. They are delicious!!!!
4. Aren't you getting a new companion soon? Yes but E Darrow is great.
5. What area do you want to go to next? I am going to die here (not literally)!!!

April 4- 11th


What a blessed week here in the Pool, full of exciting adventures. I was able to go on an exchange with one the district leaders, we had General Conference, and now I am participating in the missions 40 day fast.

Exchanges are my favourite! Not because I don’t love my companion but just because you get the chance to work with missionaries at all different stages of their mission, with each really unique backgrounds, from all over the world. Also, the lord blesses exchanges and we always see miracles on them. This week I was with Elder Jager who is from Germany. We have started doing what is called a consecrated hour of finding each day in the zone. It is where you dedicate an hour to the Lord and pray to see miracles. That is exactly what happened. During our hour of finding we were able to set up many appointments but what was so miraculous was that from that short hour all the appointments turned into new investigators!

General Conference was a feast. We were asked to bring prayerfully sought out questions and promised they would be answered. Well the promise came true. I brought seven questions and each one of them was answered. Elder Oaks and Bednar covered most of them. It was surprising to see how much many of the talks were focused on things that President Bullock has been training us on. It just goes to show that they are all getting their inspiration from the same source!

I dont know if i explained this yet or not but the 40 days leading up to Easter each companionship is taking 24 hours to fast. We are fasting so that the mission can lift to a higher level, see miracles, and achieve our annual baptismal goal. 

This week we were blessed in total to have 13 new investigators! Great things are happening here and we are teahcing lots! Sunny is doing well. School is still very busy however she told us the other day that she feels god is truly answering her prayers. A few weeks ago she did not know who God was!!

A less active recent convert came into church randomly all on his own the other day. It was a pleasant surprise and just explained to us that he had gone through some struggles that caused his testimony to waver but he knows the church is true. We set up an appointment to go and visit him and when we went to the appointment he invited his friend along. His friends name is the same as his, Allen, but he was really interested in the church and so we taught them the restoration and now Allen is dated for baptism. He came to all sessions of general conference and has continued to read from the BOM! He is from England and has had a rough past but is looking for a fresh start.

This week is interviews and trainings. It is always something to look forward to. We only have interviews every other transfer and so I will have one more with president before he leaves.  

Well I am sorry if my letters are starting to get less detailed. It is hard because so much is going on that it is hard to fit it all into one email. I love being here though and great things are happening. I love you lots.


Rob- that is so exciting! Congrats. I am sure you are going to do great things. Now that you have such a high position maybe you could get the boss to send me a company shirt!

Paige- thanks for the pictures… preston looks so cute!!!

March 28 - April 4


Liverpool is incredible. This is the promise land. We have just had so many miracles and been able to teach lots and lots of people. Yes, it is a city and we are teaching more immigrants than English people. However, it has been a great experience to get to meet people from all over the world. One the missionaries kept track of how many different nationalities people were from that he spoke to. In a matter of 6 weeks he had spoken to people from over 90 different nations!

Our most progressing investigator right now is a woman named Sunny from china. She is extremely great. We taught her the word of wisdom on Saturday. Tea is a big big issue for the Chinese. It is apart of therr culture and they normally drink it like its water. Sunny has felt the spirit and was able to commit to living it.

We are also teaching a group of Indians studying in the nautical science program. They are some of the kindest men you have ever met. Each time we go to their house they are so enthused about what we are saying. One of the men, Jithu, when he read from the Book of Mormon said he felt a shock run through his body and had an overwhelming feeling of comfort. I think because of the culture in India many of them are sensitive to the spirit and able to feel its great influence. We have big hopes for them and hope to see progress.

This week we had Zone Conference and I am getting anxiety knowing that they are numbered with the Bullocks. President gave training on the great apostasy and the restoration. Scary to see how much evidence there is that support it, both doctrinal and physical. Sister Bullock gave an award winning talk on “being believing” and went through many of the stories in Christ life. They are just incredible people and have a special ability to give fantastic talks. I wish they were all written down so you could read them.  

The tomtom has been a huge help. This is a short transfer and since Elder Darrow is leaving at the end of the transfer I am going to need to know the whole zone in only five weeks. We have lots of exchanges planned and are looking forward to another great transfer.



Parents-I am so jealous of this dive trip! I think because of everything that is going on at home you should delay it another year!

Madeline- What has happened family are you not looking out for my future posterity? How can you let a Canadian take my place? Haha, only teasing, tell her congrats!!

Paige-I love the pictures they are the greatest. That is very sad about lynlee’s bro. I will keep them in my prayers.

March 21-28


The rumors about Liverpool are true! This is a blessed area and I am so excited to be here. Due to the busy week, we only had one new investigator by Friday night. Between Saturday and Sunday we were blessed to get 10 new investigators, many of which were from teaching on the spot. The Lord blessed us greatly as we went out and worked diligently and faithfully.

Liverpool is a University area so we are able to work with many Chinese. There are three Chinese speaking missionaries in the ward alone and 6 missionaries in total. From serving on the Isle of Man, I had been to the ward previously and felt of their great spirit. The ward is really strong and about 150 to 200 come on Sunday. Very similar to the ward I just came from but with a much younger crowd. The ward has a very large YSA and many of them are from China!

This weekend I was able to go on a mini exchange with Elder Jin. This was my first opportunity to work with one of our Chinese missionaries. On our way to our appointment we stopped a Polish man and I could not help but feel such joy in knowing the gospel is filling the earth. Each one of us is from a different country, living in a foreign land, speaking about the restored gospel! Prophesy is being fulfilled and it’s incredible to be apart of it.    

Elder Darrow is great and we have been having a wonderful time. This week we have to give trainings for the whole zone and it is going to very exciting.

Miss you lots!

PS- Thank you so much the sat nav is going to help out a lot!

PPS- Mom keeps neglecting me and not sending emails? What’s the deal? Only teasing I know something probably happened with the comp or life got crazy. I would love to hear from you next week though!!!!! J

March 17th- 21


You would not believe it but I am in LIVERPOOL! Oh it is amazing here and I am so excited for the transfer ahead. My companion is Elder Darrow from Peoria AZ! We have a lot in common, for instance Dr. Mattson delivered him when he was born! Also, he is the state champion wrestler and has actually wrestled some people I know from desert vista. He is in the Rose Valley ward and was familiar with some of the people I know from Peoria. Do you know his family, Cal and Julie Darrow? I am so excited for this transfer. Elder Darrow is going home in five weeks and we are going to make the most of it. You will have to go to his home coming!

I loved Manchester and the ward was amazing. Cathy’s baptism is this Friday and Nadias and Madhavs is the following. I am sad I won’t be able to go; however, I am ready for the miracles here in Liverpool! Plus the teaching part is the best part anyways.

On Tuesday we were able to take Nadia and Tracy to the temple. It was great evening. All that could (recent converts and members) went in and did baptisms. The rest of us walked around the temple grounds and then watched the prophet of the restoration at the chapel. It was great evening with a very strong spirit.  

Tracy is this wonderful African woman who is so prepared. The Lord made it clear to her that she needs to hear our message after placing us in her path (on the complete opposite side of town) after having lost contact. She is so kind and such a loving woman who will progress very quickly. She has already expressed the warm spirit that she feels when hearing about the gospel.

Another similar story- when I was in Bolton we were teaching a woman named Angela. She was so great and ready for baptism. After I left she stopped meeting with the missionaries as often until she didn’t meet with them. This last week I ran into her in the middle of Wythenshawe! There are over three million people in Manchester alone. It is no coincidence that I met her again. I told her she needed to start meeting with missionaries and she agreed. I called them and told them to start teaching her again so hopefully something great will come from it!

Saying goodbye to Liam was no fun. It would have been if he had a baptismal date, or a wedding planned but he doesn’t have either. He knows the church is true and will be baptised but a long term partner is not making easy. He took Elder Davis and I out to breakfast and we had a great chat and will continue to keep in touch.

Elder Davis is a great new missionary and a wonderful asset to the mission. He will continue to do well and I really had a rewarding time serving with him.

My study lately has been the Book of Mormon in the Captain Moroni chapters. After the zone conference we had a few weeks ago, I read these pages with a whole new outlook on standards and the example the Captain Moroni has set for me. What a great opportunity as missionaries we have to raise a voice of warning, love, and hope just as he did so long ago.  

I miss and love you all!


So I am now in a car and it is as great thing because my black shoes are worn so much that the nails are showing and making impressions on the bottom of my ankle (ouch). I am definitely getting new ones on Monday but I am not sure what kind or where to go…should I go for a good leather soul or should I keep with rubber? Everyone’s rubber has seemed to crack or wear through. Tell me what you think.

Also, because I am in a car and most likely will be for the next little while I would really love to purchase a sat nav. Many of the missionaries who drive have got one or been given one but my companion and I are with out. They are just little computer things to help us navigate. Would that be okay?  

Mom “delight in fatness” 2 ne 9:51

SHELBY- WOW, I did not expect that but congratulations to her! Let her know that I am extremely happy for her and will be writing her soon!

Next week will be like normal i will email the same time as i have usually done!

March 7th- 17th


Unfortunately, I have just had to write two long emails to president and the mission office and so I am short on time. However, I will try and make it good.

First things first, I had to write a letter to the mission office because we had a surprise baptism! It was not actually our baptism because we never taught her but Toni Robinson is married to a member in the ward and has been taught by the missionaries for quite some time. She is incredibly shy and has not had the courage to get baptised and confirmed in front of a huge group of people. Well, Rachel Coleman is a missionary who taught her about two years ago, moved back into the ward. They continued to be friends and Rachael helped her take that leap of faith and be baptised! Toni was able to be baptised and confirmed with a very simple service where only the family was invited and us!

This was a crazy week. We were very blessed again to have lots and lots of miracles. first transfer here in Wythenshawe I set up an appointment with a woman named Jenny. Unfortunately, after several attempts the appointments kept falling through. The other day we got a referral and it was for Joe. We confirmed a time with him and went to teach him. The appointment with Joe fell through. However, Joe’s wife Jenny was in and we were able to teach her and commit her to baptism, which she accepted. It just goes to show Heavenly Fathers great love for each one of his children!

We are currently teaching this man named Madhav from india. He is currently getting his masters and was born hindu. We found him walking on the street and asked him if we could walk to his home and teach him. He agreed and told us that he has always felt drawn to Christianity. He came to church this week and is dated for the 26th!

Another surprise, Nicodemus showed up to church! We have not been able to get a hold of him because he has had a crazy work scheduled. He came and apologised and said he wants to know what he has to do so that he can be baptised! We cannot teach him because of work but as soon as he gets his schedule figured out he will progress quickly.

We have begun teaching Nadia (martin’s girlfriend) again. She says that she has true desire to stop smoking and knows the church is true. She is dated for the 26th as well.

Liam is continuing to be amazing. We have really pushed to be able to teach his family and so hopefully will be invited this week!!!

The other catholic Indian family is incredible. They all work these crazy shifts so we are currently only able to teach them once a week. We watched the restoration DVD and they all felt the spirit and talked about how much power was in the message we were sharing. WE are teaching them on Saturday and so we hope to get them to church this Saturday.

WELL LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ALL. I cannot believe you are going to palo without me!!!! I guess you can always go again. Good luck with the wedding plans.