Sunday, April 17, 2011

March 17th- 21


You would not believe it but I am in LIVERPOOL! Oh it is amazing here and I am so excited for the transfer ahead. My companion is Elder Darrow from Peoria AZ! We have a lot in common, for instance Dr. Mattson delivered him when he was born! Also, he is the state champion wrestler and has actually wrestled some people I know from desert vista. He is in the Rose Valley ward and was familiar with some of the people I know from Peoria. Do you know his family, Cal and Julie Darrow? I am so excited for this transfer. Elder Darrow is going home in five weeks and we are going to make the most of it. You will have to go to his home coming!

I loved Manchester and the ward was amazing. Cathy’s baptism is this Friday and Nadias and Madhavs is the following. I am sad I won’t be able to go; however, I am ready for the miracles here in Liverpool! Plus the teaching part is the best part anyways.

On Tuesday we were able to take Nadia and Tracy to the temple. It was great evening. All that could (recent converts and members) went in and did baptisms. The rest of us walked around the temple grounds and then watched the prophet of the restoration at the chapel. It was great evening with a very strong spirit.  

Tracy is this wonderful African woman who is so prepared. The Lord made it clear to her that she needs to hear our message after placing us in her path (on the complete opposite side of town) after having lost contact. She is so kind and such a loving woman who will progress very quickly. She has already expressed the warm spirit that she feels when hearing about the gospel.

Another similar story- when I was in Bolton we were teaching a woman named Angela. She was so great and ready for baptism. After I left she stopped meeting with the missionaries as often until she didn’t meet with them. This last week I ran into her in the middle of Wythenshawe! There are over three million people in Manchester alone. It is no coincidence that I met her again. I told her she needed to start meeting with missionaries and she agreed. I called them and told them to start teaching her again so hopefully something great will come from it!

Saying goodbye to Liam was no fun. It would have been if he had a baptismal date, or a wedding planned but he doesn’t have either. He knows the church is true and will be baptised but a long term partner is not making easy. He took Elder Davis and I out to breakfast and we had a great chat and will continue to keep in touch.

Elder Davis is a great new missionary and a wonderful asset to the mission. He will continue to do well and I really had a rewarding time serving with him.

My study lately has been the Book of Mormon in the Captain Moroni chapters. After the zone conference we had a few weeks ago, I read these pages with a whole new outlook on standards and the example the Captain Moroni has set for me. What a great opportunity as missionaries we have to raise a voice of warning, love, and hope just as he did so long ago.  

I miss and love you all!


So I am now in a car and it is as great thing because my black shoes are worn so much that the nails are showing and making impressions on the bottom of my ankle (ouch). I am definitely getting new ones on Monday but I am not sure what kind or where to go…should I go for a good leather soul or should I keep with rubber? Everyone’s rubber has seemed to crack or wear through. Tell me what you think.

Also, because I am in a car and most likely will be for the next little while I would really love to purchase a sat nav. Many of the missionaries who drive have got one or been given one but my companion and I are with out. They are just little computer things to help us navigate. Would that be okay?  

Mom “delight in fatness” 2 ne 9:51

SHELBY- WOW, I did not expect that but congratulations to her! Let her know that I am extremely happy for her and will be writing her soon!

Next week will be like normal i will email the same time as i have usually done!

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