Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 11th- 18th


Wow, this has been a blessed week. You would not believe how much can be crammed into 7 little days! Just yesterday, we tried by a potential investigator and had Wu, a recent convert, fellowship with us. The confirmed lesson fell through; however, after our recent trainings from the assistants, we were able to do some street contacting with the member. In just a matter of minutes we taught two lessons and set up 4 appointments! Not only did we see great success but also one of the street lessons was a Chinese student. Wu was able to really help teach and add strong testimony to our message in this young mans native tongue.

This week I was able to go on an Exchange with Elder Welch who is from the legendary Bountiful. He even went to Bountiful high. He is a really good missionary and came out only a transfer after me. We were able to see some great miracles. In the morning we only had a short amount of time to find. Before leaving we prayed with the expectation to teach someone on the spot. The Lord blessed us and we set up many appointments and taught someone right on the spot.

Madhav from the Man South ward was baptised this week. Elder Darrow and I were able to drive over for an hour and witness the baptism. It was really great to see him and many of the members who I did not get to say goodbye to. He was really nervous but after it all said that he felt wonderful. Also, I don’t know if you remember but from Bolton we were teaching a young woman named Lauren (who got baptised) as well as her boyfriend Tom. For some reason after I left Tom did not get baptised but continued seeing the missionaries. This weekend he was finally baptised!

Right now, Allen the YSA who we are teaching is doing really great. He is on tract for his baptism on the 16th. We have been through most of the difficult commandments and he has accepted everything. He is doing really well.

Tonight, we have to teach FHE to all of the YSA in Liverpool. We are not sure what we are going to do, how long it needs to be, or when it starts, but it should be lots of fun! 

This week we had interviews and trainings. It went really well and I had a great interview with president. I believe we will have one more before he leaves. The new mission president comes if I remember right the 10th of July. June is going to be a great month. Apparently, President has planned some exciting things before he heads off. This is Elder Darrows last P-day. He heads off on next Wednesday and will be back in the warm sun. I grateful to be serving with him because he just continues to work harder knowing his time is limited instead of some these dead missionaries who just cant wait to go home. This week we taught the most lessons I have ever taught on my mission including all of the extra things we did. Miracles.    

Family i am so GLAD to know that you are having missionary experience! I want you to know that I have been praying for you to have just that. When members do missionary work miracles occur! You are so great. Tell me more about what happened to the woman...did she hit her head or what the letter was unclear. How did they feel about the gospel? Did they accept the missionaries to come?

Sorry my letters are so choppy and I don’t tell you about all of our investigators. It is hard because right now we have been so blessed and it is difficult to decide which ones to write about. However, I cannot complain I could not ask for a better problem to have!

I love you, glad to know things are going well and your back and safe!

Love, Richard

PS. Is it possible for me to get a costco card from you?? If it is that would be  great.  I was just wondering if its a matter of mailing an extra card  lyring around the house.   If not or if there is any trouble i dont need it dont worry about it.

1. How is Pool? On fire!!!!
2. Is it going to get really quiet there during the summer since it's a college town? No it is a big city and lots of people. Many of the Chinese go back but there are still lots of people.
3. Are you eating Indian food? What do you think?! Yes I eat curries all the time. They are delicious!!!!
4. Aren't you getting a new companion soon? Yes but E Darrow is great.
5. What area do you want to go to next? I am going to die here (not literally)!!!

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