Monday, March 29, 2010

March 22-29

Okay so now in my life, let me tell you a little bit about it, it seems to be a little bit more up beat!!! This week we had zone conference and I had to give the opening prayer. I was nervous but it went well. It was crazy to see all the people in my mission, well at least half because our mission is split up into two different sections, north and south. Right now im in the north. 

President and his wife gave two of the best talks I have ever heard in my life. I think he might be replacing good’ol President Packard’s seat in a few years! His talk was on the atonement and he had six pages of quotes and scriptures printed out for us. Sister Bullocks was on accountability and she did a really great job. Overall the mission seems to be full of really great missionaries and im excited to meet more of them!

The baptism last week was great! I was the one who was actually performing the baptism. She doesn’t speak much English. The family is from Hungary and the only thing she said is, "I want the blonde one!" Haha so yea, I guess she got it. Her parents are actually going to go to Hungary this week though because they can get married easier there!

We are teaching a 19 year old named Clare. She has a 2 year old and baby dady is a less active 30 year old. However, she seems to be progressing and we are excited.

Also, these people we are teaching are trying to set me up with there friends model daughter… hahah. We tried to explain that I can't date anyone, but she isn’t really getting it, at least I don't think…

  • I had to give my testimony on the spot at ward conference (scary but it went well)
  • Crazy woman in the ward made all the missionaries chocolate eggs for easter

Im out of time, sorry!

I love you all and miss you. Sorry this letter is short I just don’t have time because we are going hiking today and I have to still get everything done!!! Hope you are all doing well! I love you,  I miss you. Your in my prayers. I know im where I am supposed to be and that there is no greater work to be done!

Your favourite son! (English spelling)

Monday, March 22, 2010

03/15 - 03/22


So much is going on!!!! First off we had an amazing week filled with lots of miracles and faith building experiences. We were able to go on exchanges with the assistants for a day and that was amazing. Elder Ridley (one of the assistants) was amazing! We literally set up appointments with over 18 people in one day. It is interesting to see who the president chooses as his right hand men (what they are like, how they work, the kind of people they are…) the answer is pretty much perfect!!!! Haha but seriously they are both amazing missionaries and taught me lots!

One of Presidents rules is that we cannot say the word GUYS! You would not believe how easy that seems to quit. Just try it! It is proving to be quite a difficult challenge for me. The reason is its “not very dignified” or something, the point is I cannot stop saying it!!! I am down to about 5 times a day, but still you would think I dropped a four letter word bomb when it slips!

Bolton recently had some fascist against Asians riot against the Asian Equality group. Apparently it was a huge deal and lots of people got hurt/arrested. We however, missed all the action because we went on another exchange in Rochdale. It was fun to be with some other missionaries!

So as you have been watching the wheather here has been cold but fairly dry…that is until I go on this exchange and it just rain and rains and rains and rains!! No problem except for the fact that when I go to open up my tumi umbrella it is broken!!!! I haven’t used it yet and its broken off the top! I think I will send it home and you might be able to sort that out with the people cause that is not right! Anyways, so unfortunately all the appointments set up fell through and we contacted in the cold for the whole day and it did not stop raining hahahaha! It was fun though cause the burb (Burberry jacket)  pulled through, and the only thing completely drenched was my shoes and head.

So you all might of thought I would come home with a beautiful accent! Sorry not gonna happen and even if it did… well I will just write you a little note that was passed to someone in church it reads “glad yer ‘ere y’owd git! Y’ad us werrid scousers cont be got rid ov quik the nose!” WHAT???? It is this amazing lady who has cooked us two meals so far and sets up all of our dinner appts. She truly is amazing but I mean that is how some people talk, I don’t even know what she was trying to say!!

This week we have another baptism.. I am running out of time so I will put what I wrote to president in our letter Just yesterday we were visiting an investigator family, the Balogs, when the daughter exclaimed to us that she wanted to be baptised. She and her parents have been dated for a while but complications with a marriage certificate have been slowing the process. Last night she felt the spirit strongly and said she did not want to wait for her parents. She then went on to say she was ready this week. So this Saturday Barbra Balog will be getting baptised. It is amazing to see such strong faith in young children. Unlike most adults they are sensitive to the spirit and can see the truthfulness and goodness of this gospel!

Everything is amazing I love you hope bev gets better keep him in my prayers that is scary!!!!!!

Okay so instead of sending you the bose I might keep it send my ipod and hook up a walkman to the speakers. If you haven’t given my cologne to Rowland I would love it, we just don’t have enough time for shopping… also my brown gloves, pics of my car, and a lint roller, and some renes rub / Mexican spices. Its best to send ups or us post office because fed ex has large taxes I guess??? Also I have been doing laundry all on my own and ironing! AS soon as I become the senior comp that will be done away with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dad- Hope you are doing great! Quads sounds like a blast. I'm excited for you, have fun in mex!

Mum- I hope this letter is better for you, i don’t know what is best, its just hard to fit it all in a short time. Porsche all the way, blue sliver??? How are the twins?? Miss you love you!

Rowland- Thanks tons, eat food you Ethiopian!! Good luck at mex, find me a sis in-law and bro in-law!!!

Paige and Glen- what the heck!!!! Jp good luck on the move!!!!

Rob and Alias- That is so exciting congrats! Alias get feeling better! Tell the boys and ali I miss and love them tons and am grateful for the prayers!


(joke kinda) hahahah jp

Love and miss you all tons, the work here is great and I am learning and growing at an amazing rate! Its crazy what can be accomplished with the spirit. Here from you soon!!!

Elder Cunningham

Monday, March 15, 2010

First week out in the field!

Too much to write!!! I have no clue where to begin. I will start with the MTC. Wow it was great but Rowland is right, the shorter the better! President Clegg and his wife were great people and most likely going to the celestial kingdom! 
So four of us got picked up by APs early in the morning and then drove to the mission home. There we met president and his wife. Surprisingly Sister Bullock was extremely nice and so was president. We got there and had a huge to do about all the rules and policies. I have a binder and its like 1000 pages long with all the things I am supposed to do and not do, its crazy. I am not aloud to have my ipod because it has video capabilities. Also the music can only be the music that is on that tiny list so no EFY music!!!!!! I think I am going to have to send it and the Bose stereo home because its too big of a hassle. They are strict, strict, strict, but its good though! 
We had lunch at there house and a testimony meeting. We were there from about 7 to 1! Following lunch we went to the chapel where we met our trainers. I will be honest I saw the chubby one and just new that I was going to get him! Haha well what can you do. He is from Utah, but he is a great missionary. We get along good and the next few weeks will be a great experience. We left and went home (2 hour bus ride) to our flat and unpacked. Its small and dirty but what are you gonna do?! Actually dirty is an understatement, its disgusting! I have cleaned (SHOCKER I KNOW) and its some what better now. 
Missionary life is crazy! We talk to every single person we see. We also stop people on the bus and talk to them! (THE WHOLE BUS!!!!) Its awkward, but we got a good message and we are gonna share it! Bolton is an interesting area. Rob and Rowland are right, tons and tons of immigrants and Muslims. Were not supposed to teach Muslims though. I went to church and there is a huge mix of people. We had dinner at a members house and its this lady who is extremely nice and cooked us some okay food… hahah but she bought us groceries and she is just amazing. 
The baptism was great it’s a 13 year old boy and his name is ROLAND!!! He is from Poland and hardly speaks English haha, but we are all Gods children!!

-Rowland if you could write Abb ripper X that would be great!
-Chareese, good luck on the husband hunt.
-Paige that is so exciting! I'm sad I'm not there to live with you in PHX, but I'm happy and excited for you to get out of poor Utah.
-Rob and family- That is soooo exciting! Stay there long enough so that in two years I can come visit! What an amazing experience, doing the Cunningham's proud!
-Dad that is amazing keep up the good work im excited for you and tell Bo congrats. I am excited that you finally found something!!!! Dad i love love love my pen and use it everyday its the greatest, thanks again!!!!!!! PS. the girls haven't written me anything and also no one can email me except family. I cant even read it, i have to delete it!
-MOM, miss you and love you! Its mothers day here last Sunday and I thought about you!!!! I hope you have a great time in South Carolina and DC! My clothes are amazing, i still look hot don't worry. I have lost some lbs too, but the pics look fat i think. When i send the ipod i will put the memory card in. I miss you tons, but i am having a great time though! shooooooooooottttttttttttttt i am all out of time, the computer is going to die on me! sorry this letter is so rushed, i love you!!!!


Richard's new pday is on Monday, so expect this blog to be updated every Monday!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Richard's New Address!

Elder Richard W Cunningham
Spring Wood Suite G5
Booths Park
Knutsford WA16 8QZ

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Second week in the MTC

Wow so they expect us to have the busiest week of our lives and then read all your emails and then try to fit in what all happened this week into a 30 min computer time!!!! I will try my best. Thanks for all the emails you guys are great!

So wow things are going so fast but it is great! The spirit in this place is as strong as in the Temple! I have learned tons and think because of my experience here that i am truly (with the Lords help) going to be able to change some people's lives.

This is an amazing work and i am so happy to be apart of it. Just last Thursday we went to downtown Manchester and did some people stopping. They had us change companions and so i was with this elder from Germany who hardly spoke any English. He was a great guy though and we are good friends now, but besides the point we were able to talk to lots of people and get 4 follow up appointments as well as 4 book of Mormons handed out. It was really fun and just a little glimpse into the future!

Other than that they have kind of keep us in confinement here. Its been really fun and really necessary but oh my goodness i am ready to see the rest of humanity. I leave next Wednesday so i am looking forward to that.
Tonight we are having one of the mission presidents from the other mission come give us a devotional and i have to conduct!!! Hope it goes well. Mom funny that you are teaching about the law of chastity, we just got done teaching that lesson!! (1 Corinthians 6:19-20) best way to start talking about it!

Today we went to the temple again and it was amazing! Sometime you guys need to go through here and see the celestial room, its great! Oh also we went around Preston and saw all the church history sites, it was great!! Tons of history here!!

Paige pics look great! Congrats and thanks for keeping up on the blog. When you get mail here it is like Christmas, truly! Everyone looks forward to the mail coming on weds!!

Rowland congrats! The food here has been actually pretty good, however everyone that is from England thinks its like eating at Ruths Chris so that might be a hint as to how the next two years will be!

Mom my suits are great and of course I'm the best dressed, but lots of people have pin stripes and cuff links. Also, I found the hat, don't worry about sending me the cologne though unless you want to. I'm thinking by now that i will just buy some when i get out of here. It does stink literally though not to have any!!!!!
That is crazy about Roberts email. If you could tell his family that the only way i can write him is through mail, that would be great. So i need his address!

Everything is good though. Everyone about had a fit when i told them i needed a dry cleaner for my shirt!!!! Am i supposed to wash them??? Tell Billy and Kati congrats! I'm not sure about my address. I will have it eventually. I don't know if i have the mission office address or not but that is where you can send me stuff for right now.

Times up sorry this is horrible cause i have lots of funny experiences and fun things to tell you but i cant fit it in sorry!!!!

love you! miss you! Hope life is great! Peace out!
Elder Cunningham!!! :)

PS my comp is really funny and from England, he wants me to add that he is very attractive and very humble!! Hope i can send you pics!!