Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 23-31

Wow, what an amazing week! This was one of the greatest weeks I have had on my mission yet. President and Sister Bullock are truly amazing people. I can honestly say that I think he will be an Apostle. Okay there is so much to tell I don’t know where to start.

First off before they came Elder Boswell and I had a great week. We were able to teach some amazing people. One night we had two of our dated investigators over for dinner at a member’s home, (Tanya she is amazing) and then watched Mtn of the lord. It was a wonderful night and that is a great DVD. They are all doing so well and ready to be baptized.

Okay so President came in town and we met him at the church and actually taught one of our investigators, Keith, with him. That was a little scary but president was very good and the lesson went extremely well. I will tell you a little about Keith. He restores antiques and is very passionate about finding the truth. His wife has been very skeptical, (thinks we are a bunch of polygamist...etc). They have a family of five. Keith called us on Sunday evening and invited us to his home to meet his family. We sat down and immediately his wife started firing questions at us. It was wonderful, we were able to resolve her concerns and assure her that we would not keep anything from her. We then watched the restoration DVD with the family. The spirit was there and she felt it. It was a wonderful evening and to end the night Keith offered a beautiful kneeling prayer. His wife was so nice though. She had gone out and bought us “American popcorn” and had drinks and it was just an amazing night. None of them are dated for baptism. Keith wants to do it but is waiting for his wife. It is going to happen. Their family will all be baptized!

Okay back to president. Later that night we had a fireside on the Book of Mormon at the church. WOW! President put the BOM “on trial” and went through about 50 different compelling arguments that would prove the BOM is true.  Each argument would have stood on their own. It was wonderful. He says at the end of his mission he may give out his presentations. Pray for it. He had everything from computer analysts to testimonies to court to language similarities. 180 versus of Isaiah are quoted exactly the same as the Dead Sea scrolls that were just recently found! It was really good. It was interesting, but I wouldn’t say that it really strengthened my testimony. It was just wonderful to see all the facts. True testimony comes from God, not from facts. We had a really good turnout  from the ward and from our investigators.

After that we headed back to our flat. It is about a 20 min drive and some roads here on the Isle have no speed limit! President was following me haha...I was confused what speed I should go! It was funny but we figured it out and got back safely. Sis Bullock inspected our flat and send it was really clean and president said our area book was great! SO they rewarded us with a huge box of girahadeli (spelling?) chocolate brownies.  When I say huge I mean four packets come in the box! We spent some quality time talking there for a little bit and it is just good to be around them.

The next day we had church. Sister Bullock taught combined relief society priesthood and she did it on gospel study from pmg (preach my gospel). She has an amazing way of drawing events in her life and bringing it into a spiritual lesson. She did a great job and talked a lot about how we need to be opening our scriptures, keeping a journal while studying, and allowing the spirit to teach us. She also spoke a lot on using the topical guide and Bible dictionary, and following chains throughout the scriptures. Spend time pondering.

Sacrament was great also. They both did a really good job. I hope one day you will both get to meet them.

Yesterday was a bank holiday, library was closed so we couldn’t email, sorry. Today I gave a district meeting on the book of Mormon and how it is the number one tool combined with the spirit. I have gained a real love and appreciation for that book. I don’t know if you study it or not but mom it would be good to get ideas for lessons out of!  I have so much more that went one. WE literally see miracles every day. I look forward to reading my journal with you so you can really see the little things that happen in my life while on mission.

I hope you are all doing well! I LOVE LOVE LOVE you all and cannot wait to read your emails every week. IT is like Christmas!( Especially when you have to wait an extra day to receive them)
Love you lots.

Ps. Thank you thank you for sending that book. She deserves it. She did a lot for me and I love her for it!  pps. just finished the new testament wow that was amazing. Revelations still needs to be revealed to me though!!!!!! :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Email from President Bullock

This is a copy of the letter your son received.

24 August 2010

Dear Elder Cunningham,

Congratulations on your calling as a district leader in the England Manchester Mission.  This is your first mission leadership assignment and you will find it a time of great personal growth full of opportunities to serve and directly influence the lives of others.  

Your primary responsibility is to lead by example by making your area a model territory in all aspects of missionary work: finding, teaching and baptizing.  If your area is one of the best in your district, the missionaries will know that your teachings and counsel comes from true experience and proven success.  There is no better way to motivate your fellow missionaries than to lead from the front. 

You should focus on teaching and helping all the missionaries in your district excel at being:  1) pure in heart, 2) exactly obedient, and 3) Preach My Gospel missionaries.  Great promises have been given by the Prophet and Apostles for those missions and missionaries that follow Preach My Gospel with exact obedience.

As a leader, you will find it necessary from time-to-time and it is your part of your calling to correct others.  This often has to be done with directness but should always be in the spirit of love and kindness.  Great leaders are those who learn the proper balance of “reproving betimes with sharpness, when moved upon by the Holy Ghost; and then showing forth afterwards an increase of love toward him whom thou hast reproved, lest he esteem thee to be his enemy.”  (D&C 121:43)

If you live your life in accordance with the teachings of the gospel and missionary rules, you will have the rights of inspiration and revelation in your assignment.  You will learn even more to recognize the still small voice and companionship of the Holy Ghost.  You will be inspired to do and say those things the Lord would have you do.  These sweet gifts do not come automatically but are conditioned upon your faithfulness and righteousness. 

I have great faith and trust in you and know that you will be a diligent and inspired leader. 

With love,

David J. Bullock

cc:  Parents

August 19- 23

Wow, this is truly an amazing place to be. Not only is it beautiful, but the work is so good. We have a full size ward and they are all very missionary minded. Going to church on Sunday was wonderful.  Everyone came up to me shook my hand and introduced themselves. It was great. Also, we have three investigators now dated for baptism!

President and Sister Bullock are coming to visit the Island this week for only the second time since they have been here. Everyone is really excited. You wouldn’t believe it but they are giving a fireside on Saturday, both speaking on Sunday, and then each teaching relief society and priesthood! WOW. Busy, busy busy for them, but amazing for the rest of us!

We live in Castletown, but the church is in Douglas about a 20min car ride. Literally I could take thirty steps and be in the ocean! It is so close. We usually travel to work in Douglas and eat lunch and dinner at the chapel. The senior couple is from Oregon/Utah/Idaho.  They have ten kids! They had us over for tea on Sunday and their flat is beautiful. It is in Douglas and overlooks the ocean. Oh and she fed this amazing Mexican food also, so great.

I don’t know if you found any church history while looking up the Isle of Man but apparently in the beginning of the church an apostle visited and dusted his feet on the whole island! Don’t worry that was a long time ago and times have changed. The people are wonderful.

Right now the Grand Pre is going on. People from all over the world travel to come and see these bikes race over 200 mph! We haven’t been able to see any of it only traffic jams. They close down the main roads and it takes forever to get anywhere but thankfully it’s only in the evenings. The weather has been very nice. It is usually a little rainy in the morning but it burns off quickly and then it is perfect.

So funny story, on Sunday the Allens weren’t ready for us yet so we went tracting a neighborhood behind their flat. Most of the houses were really nice, beachfront view, ..etc but anyway we continued and knocked on this door. This Grandma comes and says which one are you...puts her glasses on and then says oh okay...We chat a little and then she gets all excited and invites us in. Let’s just say after the opening prayer she lifts up her hands and shouts “YES! YES! JESUS IS HERE!” And then her and her husband proceeded to bash with us! HAHA this old grandma would fit it to a southern Baptist church any day. She was talking about how she places her hands and has POWER! POWER to cast out devils and heal the sick. Oh my goodness you had to have been there. She was born again and free from sin! It was a memory i wont forget. Just then we left after a few minutes of entertainment but we wanted to close with a prayer so they said only if we can give one for you. So we agreed, I finished my prayer ant then the husband gives a prayer. So we say amen and then his wife (grandma) lifts up her hand and shouts i want to give my witness to that prayer! Oh i wish i could have filmed everything cause it was that funny. The last thing she said is “Jesus I cant wait till i meet you wearing a hasbestus suit (i have no clue how to spell that) of your atoning blood!” It reminded me of some kind of lady gaga thing haha! Well i am glad that i know the truth!

Well i am still pressing though the new testament while trying to prepare for district meetings however, recently I have been hearing the quote, “two people can do anything as long as one of them is God.” I love that quote and when reading in Philippians Paul confirms that stating, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” (Philippians 4:13). Both of these quotes help me realize that nothing is ever too big or too much for us to handle if we will turn to the Lord for help.

Love you and hope life is going great!

MOM- White Porsche Blue interior sounds beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want pictures!!!!! Have you seen it yet? Did you order it or is it already done??? How did you come up with that combo? I am excited for you.

Jami did a good job! That is good to hear.  AJ only has 6months left! WHAT? That is crazy crazy. Are you sure they didn’t mean Robert? Tell Rique hello and that i got her postcard i will write her soon!

MAddawg boyfriend?! WHAT!? She is not going to wait for me! Wow this is what we call the black letter in the mission! J

Rowland Provo? HAHA I hope it works out for him

I don’t think i can get my license on this island because it is a different country but I should be all ready to take the test as soon as i get back to the main land! LOVE YOU

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ahoy from Paradise aka the The Rock aka The Isle of MAN!!!!

8/9 - 8/19

That subject was not a joke! I could not have even asked heavenly father to give me such a wonderful opportunity. Well besides being on the Isle I have been made District Leader, Senior Companion, I am follow up training, and I am driving with my American License.  It is beautiful here. Comparing it to Bolton is like comparing an apple to a hamburger it just doesn’t work! The people are friendly, the country is beautiful, and the ward is amazing. This is truly the envy of the mission!!!

My companion is Elder Boswell from Taylors Ville, Utah.  He was trained by an ex-assistant so needless to say he doesn’t need much following up! I sometimes question if I am the one being trained. We get along well though. Lots are going on here and I am really excited for this transfer!

We live with a member. She is amazing and so so kind. It is kind of hard to explain but we come in through the back and are able to get into our room, which is like a mini flat totally secluded from the house with everything we need. It is small but very nice. 

So the island is its own country and has its own government and currency etc.  It took a three-hour boat ride from Liverpool to get here. Last night we got in at about 11:30. There is a senior couple on the island (truly senior) and we work with them a lot. Their names are the Allen’s. I have met them at zone conferences before and they are wonderful! I have to give district meeting with just the four of us!  Pray for me. Also, Elder Sturt is my Zone leader so that is kind of fun.

Driving is interesting. The roads here are TINY and the speed limit is FAST. It is kind of scary but it’s also really fun. They have roundabouts that connect to other roundabouts. That was interesting!  HAHAHA we made it through no problems!!

Well Robert was baptized and confirmed last week and it was the perfect way to leave Bolton. Saying goodbye to everyone was good. I think we taught the most lessons in one day that I ever have! It was busy busy busy but great and I am now SO excited for the new adventures ahead.

For sister unsworth if you could send that directly to her that would be amazing! I was going to have you just throw some stuff in there but now that you’re sending it direct I don’t need it. She baked me a huge carrot cake and printed me off a map of the Isle and wrote down some little bits and bobs about the place. She is so kind and does so much!  Sadly I left the address at home and will get it to you next week.

Well tell Melissa congrats. I am so excited for her she will have lots of fun. I pray for the Bangarts often hope things get better soon.  Crazy/exciting to hear about jami and rique. I have a friend who actually is from Italy and rique trained his ex girlfriend. Elder Dopido. Funny clippings from Robert! That is a crazy story.

Robs new house sounds like a place I may have to visit! That is the parking lot I like to see. How is your calling going? I love that scripture thanks for sending it!

I am sure you all have lots of questions so just fire them away and I will respond to them on Monday! I love you all. Thanks for the emails and all that you do for me!!


PS. No car should ever come in yellow!
PPS. I have some funny things to tell you about this country like fairy bridge and manx cats! I will make sure to get that to you on Monday!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 2nd-9


Wow, there is so much to tell this week! Okay well let me first tell you we have some AMAZING AMAZING NEIGHBORS!!! The Tanners! They sent me a HUGE package of caramel popcorn! It was delicious and I got letters from all of them. They are the greatest!

This week we had interviews and trainings. It was so good, just like it always is. President read a letter though from the first presidency and some things are going to change, like our zone conferences and interviews and district meetings. They are planning on making everything less! President says there wont be too many changes cause he has some leeway!!! They are trying to make it so we only get an interview 4 times a year! That would be no good.

My interview this week was really good though. I love President. He told me that this would for sure be my last transfer in Bolton so next time you hear from me I will be in a new place! I am really excited to get out and see more! I am thinking/ hoping he sends me to the far end of the mission north or south (just for a short time though because the work up there is not so busy). Who knows though I could go any where.

This week we also did something really fun. We traveled to another area and the whole zone street contacted with President. It was really fun to be out there and work with him. I love how he goes out with us and shows us what he’s made of haha.

So right now Elder Stringham and I have three people dated for baptism! Robert’s baptism is this week!! Also, we have two others who are hopefully going to be dated by the end of this coming week. One of them is a woman from shri lanka sp?. It was really interesting but she has hardly heard anything about Jesus Christ the bible Christianity…etc. She is a Buddhist. So yea teaching the restoration was a little difficult. We were definitely relying on a spiritual conversion haha. She came to church though and liked it. We will teach her more this week and go back to the basics!

Today we are going on a zone activity to tour the Man City Stadium.  It’s not Man U but it should still be fun. We have to go to Manchester periodically to take the bus. I love down town Manchester. It is so great. When we went street contacting with president we also had to travel there. My comp and I were able to spot this burrito place and so we couldn’t resist and went there for lunch! It is just like chipotle! Not as good but for England it’s top of the line!!!!

People have been asking me about the food. English food is actually really good. Pudding or dessert here is DELICIOUS. They make these cakes and pour raspberries and custard all over it. Custard here is like heaven. Also, Yorkshire puddings are these delicious roll type of thing and they are great. We do a lot of cooking our selves though and let me tell you renes rub is a huge hit with everyone of my comps!!!!  How is she doing?

Okay so you wont here from me until probably next Wednesday or Thursday. Also, I have lots of letters to catch up on and probably won’t get to them for a few weeks so bear with me friends! But hey, don’t wait for me to respond go ahead and send another!!!!! (haha just teasing I know that wouldn’t happen)

Well that is about all from me! Hope your doing well.

MOM- Glad your trip was fun hope you took pictures! How is the house?  I have a huge huge  favor of you though. I know you just sent me a package = but I promised sister unsworth (the woman who I love and cant wait for you to meet cause she makes us tea all the time brings it to our house and sets up all our appointments with other people) I would get her a copy of Reflections of Christ. She saw the Dvd at some relief society thing and started to cry. I told her I know him and could get her that. I haven’t been able to do anything for her so if you could get me a book and the dvd that would be AMAZING!!! You are the best mom ever but if you can do this for me there are just a few things I need also... I will be more specific this time. Let me know.

I love you though you are amazing miss you lots!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

July 26- Aug 2


Happy to hear that the wedding was great! Kenz look beautiful, good for her and Jim!! Wow so many events have been going on at home! It seems like one is happening everyday but it must just be that time is flying on a mission!!!

This week was really good! We had lots of fun and were able to have some great success. Roberts baptism is pushed back a week because he accidentally drank tea (thought he didn’t have to until after) but he will get baptized the 14th!!!!

We are now teaching this woman her name is Angie and she is from Tanzania! She came to church yesterday and loved it! Hopefully we will get her to commit to a date this week!!!Also, things are kicking back up with the knight’s mom Sheila!

I went on an exchange this week with elder Torres who is from France.  He is amazing and it was lots of fun. You’re probably thinking a French elder amazing?  Haha It is true though he is such a hard worker and it was week full of laughs. Don’t give him wheat bread though because it is “disgusting” haha.
So this week I was able to Drive again and I am getting pretty good if I might say so myself. I have my written test on Wednesday and so I have to study today lots!!! The actual driving test I cannot take until I have passed the theory test and it is usually about a months wait! So most likely I will have to take it in another city.

 Transfers are the 18th and well….It is time! Hahahahaha My companion is great and Bolton is Amazing but I am ready for a CHANGE!!!  We have this man in our ward he is from Liverpool. He is one of the funniest persons in England! Anyways the scous (liverpoolians) have a complete different language. When I first came to England I could not understand a word he spoke. But he being an amazing man went and got me a little booklet/ scous dictionary translator. It is hilarious I think I may have to send it home and then you will get a chance to speak a little like the liverpudlians!!!

Well sorry this letter is short but I just didn’t have to much to say this week….
Hope you are all doing well! Love you lots!


MOM give the boys a big hug and keep taking lots of pictures!!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

July 19-26

Sounds like everyone is doing well and having lots of fun! This week was another amazing week. First off we had Zone Conference and I cannot tell you how amazing president and sister bullock are.  President taught us all about Jacob 5, line by line. WOW! Joseph Fielding Smith said that that chapter is enough to prove the book of Mormon is true and now that I understand it I agree!! I have these amazing notes now and wow Jacob is now my favorite chapter. I am not sure if you all have studied or not but if you haven’t it is a MUST!

Sister Bullock gave a talk on tuning our hearts to the lord and WOW.  It is one thing to have a mission president give an incredible talk (because he will be an apostle) but it’s another to have his wife get up and give an equally wonderful talk. I wish you could hear or read some of their talks because they are truly inspired, well in tune servants of the lord! I am sure every missionary thinks their mission president and wife are the best but it would only be true if they were serving in the EMM today!!!!

I got my package! Thank you thank you!!! Wow it has been long anticipated and it was wonderful to finally get it. The pictures of Preston are so cute!!!!!! I cut them out and have them hanging in the flat. Also, the announcement is amazing. Lisa did a really good job!  Thanks for everything the medicine, pictures, pamphlets, candy, etc. I was able to give some “American candy” to Antoni and Rebekah because I promised if they were good I would buy them some sweets! So thank you thank you they loved it!

We are continuing to teach Robert and he is dated for the 7th of August! I cannot wait he is amazing and has a great support from his family. We have been teaching a preacher of a congregation his name is Joseph I can’t remember if I told you about him. He is very nice and willing to read and listen. He knows his bible very well though and so it has been testing my biblical knowledge… He is a legitimate preacher though and baptises people so it has been a little difficult trying to explain apostasy and authority. Hopefully he will just be open to the spirit but it has to happen soon because we are getting ready to drop him.

Also, Sue knight just had another baby her 9th and so her mom SHiela has been tied up with the kids so we haven’t been able to teach her.  However, we still see her every now and then. She is reading and still wants to continue. The only thing holding her back from baptism is the WOW! She will be able to overcome it soon!!!  Okay well it was great reading you letters. Thank you for the love and support. Write to you soon!!


Dad you got the I PAD!!!!!!! I am so jealous!!! How is it. Every missionary needs one I decided so much more effective. Also the isle of man is a really nice island there are two elders there and one of them is a district leader and they have a car. It has its own money and stuff though so it is a sought after area I guess. I want to go to Manchester or Liverpool those would be my two favorites because they seem to have lots and lots going on. Also the lake district I have heard is beautiful but not much work goes on.  Also where does Alisa’s friend live? What town or stake or area??? I probably know the missionaries in her area now!!


July 8th-19


Well I am glad to hear that things are going well. It sounds like the funeral was a nice service and I am sure it is better now that she is buried and laid to rest.

Okay well some exciting things have been going on that I have forgotten to tell you about! First off Bakia got baptized!  Unfortunately he got baptized in a different stake because he is in the middle of moving to downtown Manchester. I was, however, able to teach him one last time and wish him good luck! Hopefully I will get to serve in his ward!

Secondly, president has asked me to start working on getting my license so look out England. I had my first driving lesson with an instructor (that’s how they do it here) on Friday. Let’s just say stick shift, wrong side of the road, tiny street, lots of traffic! It was fun! Haha I was surprised I did not do as bad as I would have thought. I have my next lesson tomorrow. It will probably take me a month or two until I can take the practical test. I hear it is one of the hardest driving tests in the world. We will see.  Lastly, I believe that I have forgotten to tell you about the amazing flat that I am living in. For the past 2 months there has been mold, ants, and flys infesting our house! It was pretty disgusting. However, don’t fret. Because it has taken me so long to tell you about it it’s all taken care of. I have some pretty great pictures to send you though.

The work here is going well. We had a miracle while visiting some recent converts in the ward. We knocked on their door and unfortunately they were not in. However, we QGC’ed the man at the door and we were able to go in and teach him. He is the brother in law of the family and really enjoyed our message. He was able to attend church and is now dated for the seventh of August. Funny enough his name is Robert. Last one was Roland now we got Robert!  The work in England is no easy work but going amazing. We truly have to spend hours to find a solid investigator. Sadly Jehovah’s witnesses are huge here and no one likes them. They like to bash with people and so they make our job even that much more difficult. The ones being prepared are out there though and with lords help we will continue to be placed in their path.

I hope all is well.


PS. Tell owen when he finds that dog I will take one as well! Also, I have seen the new cayenne. It nice. Looks a little smaller and not as curvy. Tell me what you think when you see one. Oh also, I don’t have my package yet but should get it Thursday! And preston / the other boys look sooo cute!