Friday, August 27, 2010

August 19- 23

Wow, this is truly an amazing place to be. Not only is it beautiful, but the work is so good. We have a full size ward and they are all very missionary minded. Going to church on Sunday was wonderful.  Everyone came up to me shook my hand and introduced themselves. It was great. Also, we have three investigators now dated for baptism!

President and Sister Bullock are coming to visit the Island this week for only the second time since they have been here. Everyone is really excited. You wouldn’t believe it but they are giving a fireside on Saturday, both speaking on Sunday, and then each teaching relief society and priesthood! WOW. Busy, busy busy for them, but amazing for the rest of us!

We live in Castletown, but the church is in Douglas about a 20min car ride. Literally I could take thirty steps and be in the ocean! It is so close. We usually travel to work in Douglas and eat lunch and dinner at the chapel. The senior couple is from Oregon/Utah/Idaho.  They have ten kids! They had us over for tea on Sunday and their flat is beautiful. It is in Douglas and overlooks the ocean. Oh and she fed this amazing Mexican food also, so great.

I don’t know if you found any church history while looking up the Isle of Man but apparently in the beginning of the church an apostle visited and dusted his feet on the whole island! Don’t worry that was a long time ago and times have changed. The people are wonderful.

Right now the Grand Pre is going on. People from all over the world travel to come and see these bikes race over 200 mph! We haven’t been able to see any of it only traffic jams. They close down the main roads and it takes forever to get anywhere but thankfully it’s only in the evenings. The weather has been very nice. It is usually a little rainy in the morning but it burns off quickly and then it is perfect.

So funny story, on Sunday the Allens weren’t ready for us yet so we went tracting a neighborhood behind their flat. Most of the houses were really nice, beachfront view, ..etc but anyway we continued and knocked on this door. This Grandma comes and says which one are you...puts her glasses on and then says oh okay...We chat a little and then she gets all excited and invites us in. Let’s just say after the opening prayer she lifts up her hands and shouts “YES! YES! JESUS IS HERE!” And then her and her husband proceeded to bash with us! HAHA this old grandma would fit it to a southern Baptist church any day. She was talking about how she places her hands and has POWER! POWER to cast out devils and heal the sick. Oh my goodness you had to have been there. She was born again and free from sin! It was a memory i wont forget. Just then we left after a few minutes of entertainment but we wanted to close with a prayer so they said only if we can give one for you. So we agreed, I finished my prayer ant then the husband gives a prayer. So we say amen and then his wife (grandma) lifts up her hand and shouts i want to give my witness to that prayer! Oh i wish i could have filmed everything cause it was that funny. The last thing she said is “Jesus I cant wait till i meet you wearing a hasbestus suit (i have no clue how to spell that) of your atoning blood!” It reminded me of some kind of lady gaga thing haha! Well i am glad that i know the truth!

Well i am still pressing though the new testament while trying to prepare for district meetings however, recently I have been hearing the quote, “two people can do anything as long as one of them is God.” I love that quote and when reading in Philippians Paul confirms that stating, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” (Philippians 4:13). Both of these quotes help me realize that nothing is ever too big or too much for us to handle if we will turn to the Lord for help.

Love you and hope life is going great!

MOM- White Porsche Blue interior sounds beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want pictures!!!!! Have you seen it yet? Did you order it or is it already done??? How did you come up with that combo? I am excited for you.

Jami did a good job! That is good to hear.  AJ only has 6months left! WHAT? That is crazy crazy. Are you sure they didn’t mean Robert? Tell Rique hello and that i got her postcard i will write her soon!

MAddawg boyfriend?! WHAT!? She is not going to wait for me! Wow this is what we call the black letter in the mission! J

Rowland Provo? HAHA I hope it works out for him

I don’t think i can get my license on this island because it is a different country but I should be all ready to take the test as soon as i get back to the main land! LOVE YOU

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