Sunday, August 1, 2010

July 19-26

Sounds like everyone is doing well and having lots of fun! This week was another amazing week. First off we had Zone Conference and I cannot tell you how amazing president and sister bullock are.  President taught us all about Jacob 5, line by line. WOW! Joseph Fielding Smith said that that chapter is enough to prove the book of Mormon is true and now that I understand it I agree!! I have these amazing notes now and wow Jacob is now my favorite chapter. I am not sure if you all have studied or not but if you haven’t it is a MUST!

Sister Bullock gave a talk on tuning our hearts to the lord and WOW.  It is one thing to have a mission president give an incredible talk (because he will be an apostle) but it’s another to have his wife get up and give an equally wonderful talk. I wish you could hear or read some of their talks because they are truly inspired, well in tune servants of the lord! I am sure every missionary thinks their mission president and wife are the best but it would only be true if they were serving in the EMM today!!!!

I got my package! Thank you thank you!!! Wow it has been long anticipated and it was wonderful to finally get it. The pictures of Preston are so cute!!!!!! I cut them out and have them hanging in the flat. Also, the announcement is amazing. Lisa did a really good job!  Thanks for everything the medicine, pictures, pamphlets, candy, etc. I was able to give some “American candy” to Antoni and Rebekah because I promised if they were good I would buy them some sweets! So thank you thank you they loved it!

We are continuing to teach Robert and he is dated for the 7th of August! I cannot wait he is amazing and has a great support from his family. We have been teaching a preacher of a congregation his name is Joseph I can’t remember if I told you about him. He is very nice and willing to read and listen. He knows his bible very well though and so it has been testing my biblical knowledge… He is a legitimate preacher though and baptises people so it has been a little difficult trying to explain apostasy and authority. Hopefully he will just be open to the spirit but it has to happen soon because we are getting ready to drop him.

Also, Sue knight just had another baby her 9th and so her mom SHiela has been tied up with the kids so we haven’t been able to teach her.  However, we still see her every now and then. She is reading and still wants to continue. The only thing holding her back from baptism is the WOW! She will be able to overcome it soon!!!  Okay well it was great reading you letters. Thank you for the love and support. Write to you soon!!


Dad you got the I PAD!!!!!!! I am so jealous!!! How is it. Every missionary needs one I decided so much more effective. Also the isle of man is a really nice island there are two elders there and one of them is a district leader and they have a car. It has its own money and stuff though so it is a sought after area I guess. I want to go to Manchester or Liverpool those would be my two favorites because they seem to have lots and lots going on. Also the lake district I have heard is beautiful but not much work goes on.  Also where does Alisa’s friend live? What town or stake or area??? I probably know the missionaries in her area now!!


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