Sunday, August 1, 2010

July 8th-19


Well I am glad to hear that things are going well. It sounds like the funeral was a nice service and I am sure it is better now that she is buried and laid to rest.

Okay well some exciting things have been going on that I have forgotten to tell you about! First off Bakia got baptized!  Unfortunately he got baptized in a different stake because he is in the middle of moving to downtown Manchester. I was, however, able to teach him one last time and wish him good luck! Hopefully I will get to serve in his ward!

Secondly, president has asked me to start working on getting my license so look out England. I had my first driving lesson with an instructor (that’s how they do it here) on Friday. Let’s just say stick shift, wrong side of the road, tiny street, lots of traffic! It was fun! Haha I was surprised I did not do as bad as I would have thought. I have my next lesson tomorrow. It will probably take me a month or two until I can take the practical test. I hear it is one of the hardest driving tests in the world. We will see.  Lastly, I believe that I have forgotten to tell you about the amazing flat that I am living in. For the past 2 months there has been mold, ants, and flys infesting our house! It was pretty disgusting. However, don’t fret. Because it has taken me so long to tell you about it it’s all taken care of. I have some pretty great pictures to send you though.

The work here is going well. We had a miracle while visiting some recent converts in the ward. We knocked on their door and unfortunately they were not in. However, we QGC’ed the man at the door and we were able to go in and teach him. He is the brother in law of the family and really enjoyed our message. He was able to attend church and is now dated for the seventh of August. Funny enough his name is Robert. Last one was Roland now we got Robert!  The work in England is no easy work but going amazing. We truly have to spend hours to find a solid investigator. Sadly Jehovah’s witnesses are huge here and no one likes them. They like to bash with people and so they make our job even that much more difficult. The ones being prepared are out there though and with lords help we will continue to be placed in their path.

I hope all is well.


PS. Tell owen when he finds that dog I will take one as well! Also, I have seen the new cayenne. It nice. Looks a little smaller and not as curvy. Tell me what you think when you see one. Oh also, I don’t have my package yet but should get it Thursday! And preston / the other boys look sooo cute!

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