Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 23-31

Wow, what an amazing week! This was one of the greatest weeks I have had on my mission yet. President and Sister Bullock are truly amazing people. I can honestly say that I think he will be an Apostle. Okay there is so much to tell I don’t know where to start.

First off before they came Elder Boswell and I had a great week. We were able to teach some amazing people. One night we had two of our dated investigators over for dinner at a member’s home, (Tanya she is amazing) and then watched Mtn of the lord. It was a wonderful night and that is a great DVD. They are all doing so well and ready to be baptized.

Okay so President came in town and we met him at the church and actually taught one of our investigators, Keith, with him. That was a little scary but president was very good and the lesson went extremely well. I will tell you a little about Keith. He restores antiques and is very passionate about finding the truth. His wife has been very skeptical, (thinks we are a bunch of polygamist...etc). They have a family of five. Keith called us on Sunday evening and invited us to his home to meet his family. We sat down and immediately his wife started firing questions at us. It was wonderful, we were able to resolve her concerns and assure her that we would not keep anything from her. We then watched the restoration DVD with the family. The spirit was there and she felt it. It was a wonderful evening and to end the night Keith offered a beautiful kneeling prayer. His wife was so nice though. She had gone out and bought us “American popcorn” and had drinks and it was just an amazing night. None of them are dated for baptism. Keith wants to do it but is waiting for his wife. It is going to happen. Their family will all be baptized!

Okay back to president. Later that night we had a fireside on the Book of Mormon at the church. WOW! President put the BOM “on trial” and went through about 50 different compelling arguments that would prove the BOM is true.  Each argument would have stood on their own. It was wonderful. He says at the end of his mission he may give out his presentations. Pray for it. He had everything from computer analysts to testimonies to court to language similarities. 180 versus of Isaiah are quoted exactly the same as the Dead Sea scrolls that were just recently found! It was really good. It was interesting, but I wouldn’t say that it really strengthened my testimony. It was just wonderful to see all the facts. True testimony comes from God, not from facts. We had a really good turnout  from the ward and from our investigators.

After that we headed back to our flat. It is about a 20 min drive and some roads here on the Isle have no speed limit! President was following me haha...I was confused what speed I should go! It was funny but we figured it out and got back safely. Sis Bullock inspected our flat and send it was really clean and president said our area book was great! SO they rewarded us with a huge box of girahadeli (spelling?) chocolate brownies.  When I say huge I mean four packets come in the box! We spent some quality time talking there for a little bit and it is just good to be around them.

The next day we had church. Sister Bullock taught combined relief society priesthood and she did it on gospel study from pmg (preach my gospel). She has an amazing way of drawing events in her life and bringing it into a spiritual lesson. She did a great job and talked a lot about how we need to be opening our scriptures, keeping a journal while studying, and allowing the spirit to teach us. She also spoke a lot on using the topical guide and Bible dictionary, and following chains throughout the scriptures. Spend time pondering.

Sacrament was great also. They both did a really good job. I hope one day you will both get to meet them.

Yesterday was a bank holiday, library was closed so we couldn’t email, sorry. Today I gave a district meeting on the book of Mormon and how it is the number one tool combined with the spirit. I have gained a real love and appreciation for that book. I don’t know if you study it or not but mom it would be good to get ideas for lessons out of!  I have so much more that went one. WE literally see miracles every day. I look forward to reading my journal with you so you can really see the little things that happen in my life while on mission.

I hope you are all doing well! I LOVE LOVE LOVE you all and cannot wait to read your emails every week. IT is like Christmas!( Especially when you have to wait an extra day to receive them)
Love you lots.

Ps. Thank you thank you for sending that book. She deserves it. She did a lot for me and I love her for it!  pps. just finished the new testament wow that was amazing. Revelations still needs to be revealed to me though!!!!!! :)

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