Tuesday, September 14, 2010

August 31st- September 6

WOW, family this week was an incredible week. You have no idea. Elder Boswell and I were able to teach 24 lessons (23 of them investigator lessons) and have 9 new investigators and 7 investigators at church!  It was truly a blessed week and one that you would not believe.
The Lord is pouring out his spirit on the Isle. Keith and his family all came and had a wonderful time. We were able to go to dinner at their home this week and eat an amazing meal. Also, we went the other day and were able to teach the kids about the apostasy using skittles. It went really well, they are doing amazing. Today we are going fishing with Keith and Henry (his son). The weather is not too hot so it should be fun.

So this week there was a scare in the ward. A woman who is just a younger woman with 2 kids and a husband woke up and had viral meningitis(sp). She ended up having something worse than that and her head started to swell and so she was loosing her memory and she was supposed to die...Well miracles of fasting and prayer…. The ward came together and had a fast for her and after not talking for a week and things looking pretty sad she started to improve. It was truly a miracle. She was able to speak to her husband and smile and the swelling is going down. The Power of the Priesthood as well as fasting and prayer is real. She is having a miraculous recovery and it is amazing to see.

It was my companions B-day today. He is 21!

Well unfortunately the library was closed and we stayed in Castle town this week so i am emailing at a hotel bar type thing and they only give us a few minutes. yea kinda awkward in bar but were separated so its okay.

Thanks for everything you do! Mom thanks for sending the package you are wonderful! My new address is if you ever send me anything again you can send it there for the next little while. Do you know how long it takes a package to get here?

Shore Road, Castletown
Isle of Man IM91BF

Okay love you all gots to go!

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