Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September 6th- 13

Oh wow Family,

Well those were some great Emails. Thank you.  This week has been amazing! First off Elder Boswell and I headed off to Liverpool on Wednesday (a three hour boat ride) for Zone Conference! Oh it was wonderful. We were able to go and stay with the Zone Leaders, Elder Sturt (father) and Elder Kersey. It was soo much fun and good to catch up with Elder Sturt. Liverpool is CRAZY and I hope one day I will get to serve there. The accent is really funny and lots and lots of people live there. They have 6 missionaries in one ward!

Thursday we had Zone Conference. After an hour’s journey in the car blasting Josh Groban’s Noell CD as well as the Motab we made it to Chorley. President did a wonderful job and spoke on the power of the priesthood as well as miracles. He told us about 4 miracles that he has had in his life and how the priesthood is real. Many of us are not giving it the power it deserves. It was very much like President Packers Conference Talk.  Speaking of which, conference is coming up and it is very exciting!!!! Then Sister Bullock did an amazing job as usual on seeing everyone as God does. Knowing that everyone has the potential to become like him! They are amazing. First presidency is changing mission schedule though and we are only going to have zone conference quarterly. However, president has arranged it so that zones will still gather together every transfer!!!

While at Zone Conference I was able to see Elder Stringham my previous companion in Bolton who told me the exciting news that one of our Investigators, Lauren, was baptized and confirmed yesterday!!! She was amazing. I am not sure if I wrote to you about her or not but she read the Book of Mormon is about 6 weeks!!!! She is wonderful and will be a huge asset to the Bolton ward.

After the travel back Elder Boswell and I were able to have a full weekend of teaching. We have been blessed to find some more wonderful people. I street contacted this man named Mike and set up an appointment. We had originally thought we weren’t going to make it to the appointment because he lived on the other side of the isle plus it was kind of a shaky appointment. Circumstances changed though and the lord placed us in the right area. We went and taught him and the spirit was so strong. You would not believe how prepared he is. At the end of the lesson we asked him if he could ask God one question what would it be. He said that he would ask God if what we shared is true and this was the path he should take! We left him Moroni 10 and he ended up reading the whole book of Moroni. He has a good job and is smart! It is a blessing to teach him.

Keith and his family all came to church again! They are doing wonderful. Keith’s wife is still trying to make sure the gospel is true but Keith has received his answer. It looks like he might set the example for his family and get baptized before them but everyone is continuing to progress! His wife is so so so kind. She bought us these manks mints. They are delicious. She also got Elder Boswell a birthday present. Their family is going to be eternal in only a short time!  Every time we go to their house the family is excited and all focused and wanting to LEARN. It is amazing.
This Saturday we have Isabella’s baptism! She is a very intelligent, wonderful woman. She has about 5 degrees and is really a quality person. She asked if i would be the one to confirm her. Wow, big responsibility, pray for me! I am excited though and I am sure things will be wonderful.

Well my time here on the Isle could not have been more rewarding. Not only are we teaching a lot of people, but they are quality. By quality I mean they really are interested and seeking to find the truth.  There is nothing more rewarding then being a missionary and seeing the change and effects that the gospel brings to these wonderful peoples lives. I love and miss you all. May the Lord continue to bless you in all that you do!


Did you hear about ALI ROYAL? IF not call her up and ask her ASAP!
How is kenz and jim?
I have pictures of the beautiful isle. I would send you my sd card but i never got my old one back! I am going to buy a card reader though for the computer so will send some next week.
David Ridges...i haven’t got the package yet. It is best if you send them to the flat on the isle. I should be able to get it in a few weeks though. Did you send me the first one of the BOM or the new testament? I have started reading BOM again and Isaih is still looking pretty grim. I have though been able to pick up a lot more than ever before.

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