Monday, April 26, 2010

April 19th-26th


Wow sounds like lots of fun things are happening! Glad that Paige’s birthday was fun! Thanks for the picture of the cake! I will have you know that I was telling my companion about how sad I was that I was missing it! That’s the fat kid in me! It looked delicious and I am jealous.

This week in Bolton was the first week when things seemed to really slow down. So far the time has just been flying by but for some reason this week was slow. The work wasn’t slow, we continue to grow our investigator pool and find knew people to teach. The problem is that there isn’t one person in this country that doesn’t have a drinking or smoking addiction. And if they don’t, they are usually so deeply rooted in their religion that they do not want to hear our message! Haha, anything is possible with the lord’s help though and we see miracles happen everyday.

Last night we were able to teach another Hungarian family. It was funny, the dad speaks very good English and plays the harp with his daughter who sings this jazzy business! Oh and she looks the part, think Hungarian woman (big curly hair pushed over to one side thin face/eye brows)… get the picture?? Haha but they were great. We watched the Joseph Smith video and although they couldn’t fully understand the words they were able to recognize and identify the spirit! They were really funny/nice people. I wish you could have met them! They are going to make us dinner this week and he claims to be an amazing chef and I’m sure he is!

I have come to find out some crazy things about England though. Did you know that they are not aloud to hang their countries flag outside of there house because it is consider racism…They also cannot hit someone who breaks into their house…Lastly the police don’t carry guns!!! How crazy is that? In a way I guess its good but apparently the legal system is so screwed up that the police don’t tend to even use pepper spray or a Tazor gun because they are afraid of getting sued! Crazy. God Bless America haha

Anyways things are going great I hope this letter doesn’t seem like a downer. I love England and I love being here! The people are great and we are finding Gods Elect!!!!


 Calling Cards- I will buy one. I think we get about an hour. Also I think I will be calling around 9pm here.

Volcano- some missionaries got delayed a full week or more from going home because of it! We see a little ash on cars sometimes but it’s just like dust, other than that no effect!

Rowland- EAT FOOD!

Chareese- That sounds like so much fun! I am jealous of all of the above. Philly cheese steak and concert and road trip what could be better?? You look really skinny/ pretty also. Go eat another philly!

Paige- Happy birthday! Thanks for the pics I love them you look pretty!

Rob and Alisa- Those pictures were great thanks so much! Have you decided to go to New York? Also, I forgot to tell alias that her friend in the MTC dropped off the most amazing brownies in the world and she is a gem!!!!!! Tell her thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Tell the boys that I miss them and love them and their picture is hanging up in flat!!!!!!!!!! Tell baby Ali her pic is up too!

Mom and Dad- love you, miss you, hope the business goes through! Can’t wait to talk to you!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 14th-19th


Wow that sounds like pretty fun things are going on at home! I am glad that uncle mark and Margaret got married! That’s great!!

I am glad that you got my pictures! If you think that’s what I am living in, think again! Haha, do not get me wrong, I love Bolton, but it is a city with lots of people, lots of immigrants, no grass, and lots of trash! The point though, is that it doesn’t matter where your at or who you are teaching cause they all need the gospel in their life!

So the people that have a ton of kids and that love America have asked my companion and I to be the witnesses at their sealing! Can you believe that? It is crazy, but it is so exciting to see these people find the truth.

 We are teaching this young man named Aaron, he is 21 and he is what we call a chav! The English term for council housing and violent. Hah he is young, never been religious, buff, looks like an ultimate fighter, and has contemplated suicide. He told us this yesterday and said that when we found him he was having a really bad day and contemplated ending his life like his uncle and some friends have done in the past. He went on to tell us that he has been praying and has started to feel better ever since we first came and visited him! I know that was the lord leading us to him. He needs the gospel and was ready to hear it. It is amazing to see as missionary how the lord can use you as a tool and lead you to those people who are prepared and ready. There is nothing more rewarding in my life and I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have these experiences as missionary!

 I hope all is well and that you know that I miss you love you and pray for you daily! I get to speak to you in just a few weeks! Make sure you write down some questions that you have for me so that I can answer anything I haven’t in emails!


Ps. I think I have gained 50 lbs from eating all of those reese. My comp loves renes rub and wont stop obsessing over it! Rene should be proud she has another supporter all the way in England.

I hope the family is doing amazing tell them all I miss them / love them!!!! Dad good luck on the property and work I pray for you success! And not cause I want a maserati when I come home but because you deserve it! PEACE AND LOVE!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


April 7-14th

Hey sorry to trip you up again but this week was transfers!! However, I am still with my trainer which was expected. He is actually a really good person and I get along with him for the most part…!! Just kidding we really do get along except for the time that he tried to tell me that McDonalds is against the word of wisdom? Yea, well although I may find it repulsing, I still think Heavenly Father will be okay with us eating it occasionally! (But he still eats McDonalds too so im really not quite sure what he was talking about.) Anyways he is from utah and is a fairly normal person. We get along good and the work is continuing to be successful.

So this past week I went on an exchange with a zone leader and we had an amazing time. In the matter of 24 hours we were able to find teach and commit to baptism two men and surprisingly enough they are both young white Englishman. I am excited for both of them! 

We are also teaching a family's mother (the people who love America). Her name is Sheila and her son was killed in the army because the driver fell asleep. It is amazing to see how the gospel applies to everyone. When we were able to teach her about the Plan it was amazing. The spirit was so strong, anyone could have recognized it.

I love being a missionary and helping people find the truth about why we are here, and where we are going. We as members are truly blessed with the knowledge we have!!!! That is why missionary work is so important/exciting, because we truly change lives and bring peace, happiness and direction!

Today we are going to go to them temple! I can’t wait I love the Preston temple. I can’t wait take you both there in a few years!! Sorry this letter is short next week will be better!       


Paige- thanks for getting things sorted with fb your amazing and preston is lookin big congrats!!! And yes I see all the pictures, they are great, the boys look really cute and Kali looks pretty. Tell her I say congrats when you see her next!!!

Char- im glad the weather is good its getting better here! However, I still wear a scarf and gloves and my comp is trying to go without jackets! Um…. NO haha maybe in a few months

Dad- yea I heard about golf that good tiger lost! And crazy/sad about Poland! And it is crazy to see here the people that take advantage of benefits and do not work at all! It’s sad and not right!

MOM- hope sem is going great!  I miss you, hope life is wonderful. Thank you for the addresses, we get to talk to eachother in less than a month!!! Also, it is really nice to get letters during the week… where is rob and alias going to?

Got to go, love you tons! Church is true!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Life in Bolton! 29-7


Wow , Sounds like some exciting things are going on at home! I’m happy that this was a better week!!!!! Okay so first things first, there was a Bank holiday on Monday, so the lib was closed. Second, we had interviews and trainings this week. They were great, we got to learn about presidents job as a president and how they got called etc… Very interesting he is an amazing man, I really love the time spent with him!


So funny story real fast….. we were walking down town and I stopped a man and started a conversation with him. He begins to ask me where Jesus is and then proceeded to tell me that he is here in BOLTON! So I asked oh really well where? He goes on to tell me that he saw Jesus at IKON, a bar, hahahaha and that he came up to him and asked the bartender for cider! Bartender goes man I got no cider so he goes back to Jesus and says bartender has no cider Jesus and then he goes well I will have what you are having so then the man went and got Jesus a brandy and then he went on to say that Jesus grabbed his head and told him to never doubt him!!! Wow that was so funny I am still laughing a week later!!

Okay so last Pday we went on a nature walk and it was beautiful! I have lots of pictures that I am sending but now I’m not going to send the broken umbrella because I have two new ones!!! So I will send the ipod and the pics asap! Then last Monday we went to the driving range and golfed for an hour (not my thing!!!!!).

I got a hair cut. It cost me only 5lbs. The woman did not even wash my hair and well lets just say I cut my comps hair and his looks about 20x better! Haha! We were out of time though and the place I was going to go get it cut at was closed on Monday!! L Oh well, it’s actually not that bad but definitely an experience!
So we got to watch conference! Wow what an amazing conference. You know the mission has truly changed you when you can watch and enjoy conference without any food!!!!!!!!! HAHA But yes we actually got to watch a couple sessions live which was nice. My favorite talk was Elder Oaks in Priesthood! It really made me think about the power we have and how when our will aligns with Gods will we can do miracles! It also made me think about Geoff and how there was enough faith to keep him alive, but the Lord needed him on the other side!

The mission truly is an amazing time in my life. I have felt the spirit more strongly in my life now than I ever have before. I know this church to be the one and only true church on the earth today and that the message we have can bless every life that we share it with! I hope even though I am here full time that you are all trying your best to help others find the happiness and truth that comes from this gospel!!! I also hope that you are feeding the missionaries often and trying to help them out as much as possible. I realize now that I had been embarrassingly weak when it came to helping out the missionaries and there is so much that we can do to help them! Go fellowshipping with them sometime, its fun and you can see a little bit of the life that I have!

Paige tell Maddie to eat! She looks way too skinny.  You look beautiful though, keep the oven going. I’m excited for you and glen with this new journey back home! Tell glenny poopoo that I wish him good luck with his new job and hope all is well.

Chareese I miss you! Congrats on the good weather, hope all is well!

Rob and Alisa- Alisa if Rob try’s buying marshmallows (conference) and sticking Briggs in a room tell him to cut it out!!!! J

Dad- congrats on the business, that is really exciting. I hope everything goes as planed! I am glad to hear about the quads, that sounds exciting. I’m glad you are doing well, I miss you and love you and cant wait for the ipad… ahhahaha jp! Also, thanks for the updates. Everyone is talking about Obama care here, what’s the deal with that, I heard it passed?!

Mom- you are an amazing woman and I am glad that you have Paige, Glen and Preston to comfort you while I am gone J. That package truly was full of love and I am so grateful for yours and dad’s support and love!

Everyone that wrote me letters! YOU’RE AMAZING AND THANK YOU!! I will try to respond as fast as I can but it might take a few weeks so be patient. Also, letters can be sent to the other address the one that is in Bolton!

Tay sent me hermes cologne, tell her that I am extremely grateful for all that she does and its always good to hear from her! I hope this letter was little bit better!!

Richard your favourite son and missionary!!!!