Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 14th-19th


Wow that sounds like pretty fun things are going on at home! I am glad that uncle mark and Margaret got married! That’s great!!

I am glad that you got my pictures! If you think that’s what I am living in, think again! Haha, do not get me wrong, I love Bolton, but it is a city with lots of people, lots of immigrants, no grass, and lots of trash! The point though, is that it doesn’t matter where your at or who you are teaching cause they all need the gospel in their life!

So the people that have a ton of kids and that love America have asked my companion and I to be the witnesses at their sealing! Can you believe that? It is crazy, but it is so exciting to see these people find the truth.

 We are teaching this young man named Aaron, he is 21 and he is what we call a chav! The English term for council housing and violent. Hah he is young, never been religious, buff, looks like an ultimate fighter, and has contemplated suicide. He told us this yesterday and said that when we found him he was having a really bad day and contemplated ending his life like his uncle and some friends have done in the past. He went on to tell us that he has been praying and has started to feel better ever since we first came and visited him! I know that was the lord leading us to him. He needs the gospel and was ready to hear it. It is amazing to see as missionary how the lord can use you as a tool and lead you to those people who are prepared and ready. There is nothing more rewarding in my life and I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have these experiences as missionary!

 I hope all is well and that you know that I miss you love you and pray for you daily! I get to speak to you in just a few weeks! Make sure you write down some questions that you have for me so that I can answer anything I haven’t in emails!


Ps. I think I have gained 50 lbs from eating all of those reese. My comp loves renes rub and wont stop obsessing over it! Rene should be proud she has another supporter all the way in England.

I hope the family is doing amazing tell them all I miss them / love them!!!! Dad good luck on the property and work I pray for you success! And not cause I want a maserati when I come home but because you deserve it! PEACE AND LOVE!

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