Monday, April 26, 2010

April 19th-26th


Wow sounds like lots of fun things are happening! Glad that Paige’s birthday was fun! Thanks for the picture of the cake! I will have you know that I was telling my companion about how sad I was that I was missing it! That’s the fat kid in me! It looked delicious and I am jealous.

This week in Bolton was the first week when things seemed to really slow down. So far the time has just been flying by but for some reason this week was slow. The work wasn’t slow, we continue to grow our investigator pool and find knew people to teach. The problem is that there isn’t one person in this country that doesn’t have a drinking or smoking addiction. And if they don’t, they are usually so deeply rooted in their religion that they do not want to hear our message! Haha, anything is possible with the lord’s help though and we see miracles happen everyday.

Last night we were able to teach another Hungarian family. It was funny, the dad speaks very good English and plays the harp with his daughter who sings this jazzy business! Oh and she looks the part, think Hungarian woman (big curly hair pushed over to one side thin face/eye brows)… get the picture?? Haha but they were great. We watched the Joseph Smith video and although they couldn’t fully understand the words they were able to recognize and identify the spirit! They were really funny/nice people. I wish you could have met them! They are going to make us dinner this week and he claims to be an amazing chef and I’m sure he is!

I have come to find out some crazy things about England though. Did you know that they are not aloud to hang their countries flag outside of there house because it is consider racism…They also cannot hit someone who breaks into their house…Lastly the police don’t carry guns!!! How crazy is that? In a way I guess its good but apparently the legal system is so screwed up that the police don’t tend to even use pepper spray or a Tazor gun because they are afraid of getting sued! Crazy. God Bless America haha

Anyways things are going great I hope this letter doesn’t seem like a downer. I love England and I love being here! The people are great and we are finding Gods Elect!!!!


 Calling Cards- I will buy one. I think we get about an hour. Also I think I will be calling around 9pm here.

Volcano- some missionaries got delayed a full week or more from going home because of it! We see a little ash on cars sometimes but it’s just like dust, other than that no effect!

Rowland- EAT FOOD!

Chareese- That sounds like so much fun! I am jealous of all of the above. Philly cheese steak and concert and road trip what could be better?? You look really skinny/ pretty also. Go eat another philly!

Paige- Happy birthday! Thanks for the pics I love them you look pretty!

Rob and Alisa- Those pictures were great thanks so much! Have you decided to go to New York? Also, I forgot to tell alias that her friend in the MTC dropped off the most amazing brownies in the world and she is a gem!!!!!! Tell her thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Tell the boys that I miss them and love them and their picture is hanging up in flat!!!!!!!!!! Tell baby Ali her pic is up too!

Mom and Dad- love you, miss you, hope the business goes through! Can’t wait to talk to you!

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