Thursday, May 6, 2010

April 26th- May 5th

Congratulations Father and Happy Cinco de Mayo Family!!!!

To celebrate I am going to eat at the closest thing we have to Mexican food, an Indian kebab. Haha , this is for both the business and the holiday! I am sure you will do amazing things with it dad, keep me posted on how it goes!!

Okay so life has been a little crazy because Monday was a bank holiday and the library was closed. Also yesterday I began an exchange until tomorrow so right now I am with a different companion for a few days, Elder Joliff. He is from Deven, down south and really great. We are having lots of fun. Exchanges are the greatest.

So mothers day- I will call in between 2 and 2:30 my time depending on how fast I get home from church. I thought that was 7 your time but if not that’s what time I am going to call. I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!

Okay so first off dad I got your talk, it is really great, thank you so much! Also, I really like the logos and especially the name!!!! I am sorry I forgot to tell you that I can print things here at the lib. I was wondering if you still have that talk about loving your neighbor that you gave a few months ago…if you do I would love to have a copy!

Thanks for giving me the news updates dad they are great! This past week we had another amazing zone conference where president talked about the signs of the times! It blew my mind. Him and Sister Bullock are truly special people and every time they speak its like it’s from general conference. He went through the creation of the worlds down to the battle of gog and magog. Also some of the recent dealings with American politics and lets just says he is not to happy about our new president! The constitution has already been hung by a thread in a few cases I guess… It is so cool though to see how prophecy is coming true in our life. I can’t remember but did we go to Armageddon in Israel? I think we did and I would love some pictures of it if we did. 

A ward member has given my comp and I some talks on CD from Cleon Scowsen!!! WOW they are amazing! I am sure you have read his books but I hadn’t even heard of him. He blew me away with the scriptures and his talks. The talks were on the atonement and signs of the times and I am starting to realize how much I really really don’t know!!! Good thing I have a few years to study ;) They were very interesting though and I really like him! You should take a look at them. 

AS far as the work it is going good. This past week we had 20 lessons and 70/20 qgc I will explain them on the phone but that is a really good week. Just out of curiosity what is the average lessons like in Phoenix dad? WE are continuing to teach the Hungarians but they cannot progress until they save enough money to go to Hungary and get married. Also Sheila the knights mom is coming along great, just have to get her off the fags and the tea. These English love their tea! We have a new investigator Florence from Africa and she is wonderful. She is progressing fast and it’s really exciting. These are not all though, just a few!

SO Everything in my life is going great! This week flew past and I am now half way through the transfer. I also have an exchange every week until transfers. My comp and I are getting along except for when he tried to tell me this week that getting a strawberry frappaccino was the appearance of evil (mind you those are his rules). He must not have ever had one because if he did he would know that they are celestial and there is nothing evil about them! He has some interesting views… but overall he is a good person!

All right so I CANNOT wait until mother’s day!!!! I am extremely excited and have lots to tell you. We only have an hour so be ready!!!!!

Love you tons,
Talk to you soon


Tell Billy and Kati Congrats from me, that is really exciting!
Dad I can’t wait for my moped! It better have flames!!!!!!!!!!!
GO SUNS!!!! I wear my gear proudly!!!!
Ryan’s wedding sounds like it went great! That’s exciting for them. By the way, chutney is very English and really good! Rosy…so clever!

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