Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 5th-10th

On Sunday May 9th we were able to talk to Richard for an hour! It was fantastic! I will post notes from the phone call later. Here is his email from the following day on the 10th.

WOW that time just flew by and i feel like i had so much more to say. Its funny cause its like we hang up and then just go to work and it was very anti climatic! Sad... Okay i dont really have much time but i did get a cook book and today i bought a disc man.

I had some funny stories to tell you but i dont have time, well ill just tell you one...

Two days ago i had to go pittle so bad and we were knocking on one last door and apparently i was showing it cause the woman was like oh sweetie you can use our bathroom to go pittle. Hahaha it was funny if you were there maybe but then she told me i had to sit down cause the bathroom had carpet... funny

Also, the only other thing i could use is some of my ties that i left at home...i know i had some green ones and i was wondering if you could just throw them in?

Okay i have to go but i love and miss you. hope you have a great week with my new Nephew!!! Tell Paige and Glen congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and give preston a ...hug? cuddle? haha you get the point

Love you

PS. i didnt get an email from dad
pps. my favorite sister inlaw emailed me some pics and my nephews/ niece, they are soo cute!! tell her thanks!!!  

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