Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 10th- 17th

This is kind of sad that i am missing out on this. Preston looks like he takes after his favourite uncle, what a cutie!!! Glad to hear that everything went well and you are all healthy! The pictures are great!!! If you could please send them to me so i can have them printed out!! I want to be able to look at my nephew!! 
This week was really great. We had interviews and trainings so i got to sit down with president again. It was good he is really an amazing man! So him and sister bullock surprised us and now next zone conference is going to be a camp out for two days and we don't know what the topic is but its going to be so much fun i cannot wait.
This is probably going to be my last week with elder sturt which will be bitter sweet.  I think i may have given you the wrong impression of him, he is actually a really nice person and normal. He is not a BYU nerd just a normal hardworking missionary.
So funny story this week we were on this street where all the Muslims live / all the Muslims are drug dealers! Not really, most of them are all really kind people but there are lots of druggies. Anyway, so we are on this street because we are going to see one of our investigators and i see this flying spur so i am starring at it and then right as it starts to drive past me the driver unrolls his window and sticks his had out and for some reason, i jumped like 10 feet in the air. I thought i was gonna be the victim of a drive by shooting!!! HAHA It turns out he just threw his cig out his window and gave me the weirdest look like what is the matter with you kid!! HAHA it was really funny cause i just flinched so noticeably... Oh but speaking of cars we do see some beautiful filthy lucer cars. Bentley, Ferrari's, lambos, Porsche's...etc its funny cause people live in these poor poor houses and then drive really nice cars. DAD what are you selling your Mercedes for? The new Jags and the porsche panamera are sooooooo good looking!!!!!!!!!! Also, mom you are getting a new car? What color?
So just last Sunday we were stopped on the side of the road by a family in a car. It turns out that a member in Chorley is dating a woman who lives in Bolton. They stopped us and she exclaimed that she would like us to teach her. Coincidentally they had just been talking about the missionaries and happen to find us. She has three children who are also interested and all of them attended church this Sunday. They are a great family. We have been able to meet with them often and they are scheduled for baptism June 5. It is really exacting. Right now we have 8 scheduled for baptism so we will see what happens.
Oh no i am out of time!!! Next week i probably wont write until wed because its transfer week. I will prob stay in bolton and get a new comp.
anyways life is great i miss and love you hope all is well!! Give Preston lots of love!!!!
Paige-you look way too pretty after labor!! I don't think that it could of been that bad...Just playing I'm sure is was horrible and I'm glad i will never have to go through that!!!
MOM- hope final week goes good!!  I think i am taken care of. if you are at the mall ever i need some refills for my pen but if not dont worry about it. I want the finest tip they have in blue and black.
DAD- i am jealous of you too!!! They boys are growing up, that looks like it was lots of fun. ALi is getting so big. Can she talk yet...? Or is she too young still?? give them all lots of love and tell them how much i miss them!!
CHareese- that is one of the sadest stories i have ever heard DLAND without the rides?!?!?! Tell me you atleast got a churro!!!!!
Okay i love you all tons and miss you a lot but know this is where i am suppoesed to be. Next week i will really try to be more detalied!!!! love you!

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