Monday, May 31, 2010

May 17th-26th


Wow another great week here in Bolton. So many things are going on. First off I have a new companion his name is elder chambers. He has been out for a while, he is from Pocatello Idaho and knows lots about potatoes!!! Ha at least I am assuming, right alisa? Anyway, I have heard nothing but great things about him and how he is an amazing missionary. He loves to run and didn’t at the start of his mission so hopefully he can convert me!! We will see.

So this week I went on exchanges with a zone leader, Elder Lunt from Utah. It was great! I was able to go to a different part of the mission and to my surprise there weren’t any Muslims. I was kind of over it though so it was a good thing it only last two days until I got back to Mecca!!!

So the weather here has been amazing. It has started to warm up and I think my cheeks may be a lil tan! That’s right TAN. Who would have known? You have to love the English though. The whether warms up, the clothes come off and then were just livin in a hot bed of sin! I am not kidding though, people walk around without any shirts on and the women sometime just in a bikini top holding glasses of beer at 10:30am walking down the street. It is extremely sad.

So I cannot remember how much I have told you about Heidi and her family but she is an English woman who is dating a member in chorley (just up the road). She has a hard life, has 6 kids, two still live at home, she is 38 and a grandma of 2!!! Anyways her and her two youngest are all getting ready for baptism. Once she can quit smoking! She didn’t have any yesterday so hopefully she will make it. People have to be living the WOW for 10days before they can get baptised. She is doing great though and she really loves everything we teach her. I also don’t think it is cause of her bf because he hasn’t been a huge part of her conversion. He is a convert himself since February. Also living with her is a friend’s daughter who is 14. She also has to quit smoking but as soon as they do they will be ready for the fount.

Sorry this is so short but I gots to go! Life is wonderful though and it sounds like everything is going great at home. My nephew is a cutie!! Good job paige and glen! Thanks for the pics keep sending them! How is charesse I didn’t hear from her? And Rowland what is going on in his life??? Also when does rob and alisa move?? Keep me posted.

Love you

Ps-mom that looks like it was lots of fun! Worlds greatest sem teacher ever!!! Sorry I didn’t read about the funeral cause I just printed it but hope everything went well. I cant tell from what I have read if it was sad or not… Ill read later BYEEEEEEE

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