Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May 26th- June 1st


WOW- sounds like some crazy things are going on at home and very exciting. Sad Sad Sad to hear about the suns but don’t worry I still wear my gear proudly.

Elder Chambers is incredible and it has been a great week so far and I am really looking forward to the transfer. He is from Idaho and his dad is actually a 70 in the 5th quorum but he is so humble he would not tell you that unless you found out from someone else. Anyways we have been running everyday and it is good. The only problem is my running shoes are a little small… I think it will be okay though. Also though I will copy what I wrote to president…

“Elder Chambers and I have been off to a great start. I am very excited for this transfer and grateful for this opportunity which I have to serve with such an outstanding missionary. This week two qualities that have really stuck out to me are how he is exactly obedient and has great charity. Elder Chambers recognises the importance of exact obedience and has taught me that only when we are obedient can heavenly father bless us. He has taught me that only through example. Also, every day he has done some act of charity whether it be making breakfast, ironing my shirt, or just helping me learn something new. I cannot tell you how great of missionary he is. I have so much to learn from him and cannot wait for the coming weeks.”

He really does do a lot and someone who I just enjoy being around. We have great conversations about calling elections and all sorts of stuff that is just speculation but it is just really interesting/ entertaining. He is very obedient and leads by example not by just talking which others have done…

SO Heidi and her two kids are getting baptized this Saturday!!!!! I am so excited it is going to be great. Elder Sturt is coming back to baptize hiedi and am going to dunk the little ones!! It is great to see the changes they have made in her life. Coffee, tea, smokes, alcohol are all out the window in just a matter of a few weeks!!! It is crazy to see what people can accomplish when they gain a testimony of the gospel and of a living prophet. I am very happy for her.

Florence was also supposed to be baptised this Saturday but she couldn’t make it to church. People in England have these slave labour jobs where they wait by the phone for a call and as soon as the call comes they have to go. She needs to go to church at least twice until we can baptise her so hopefully next week! Oh no I am out of time. I have to go but I love/miss you and hope life is beautiful in mexico!!!!

This week during my personal study I have been reading a lot in the Book of Mormon. While reading, Helamen 5:12 really stuck out to me. I know this is a scripture-mastery and a commonly used scripture but the significance behind it is great. I know that truly when we live our lives based on the example and teachings of Jesus Christ we have that firm foundation to withstand anything that comes our way. This is part of the reason why missionary work is so fantastic because each day I find myself growing closer and closer to my Saviour.   

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