Monday, June 14, 2010

Email from the Mission President

Dear Parents,
You may have already heard from your son about the Zone Conference we held at a scout camp last week.  It was not only a nice break for our hard working missionaries but it was indeed a special experience for everyone.  We held this conference with a specific objective and purpose in mind and we feel that it could not have turned out better, mostly because the missionaries came prepared to learn and ready to have a spiritual experience.  We were also blessed with warm, sunny days. 
The highlight of the conference was the evening session where after a series of break-out discussion groups in groves of trees, each missionary was given about an hour and 15 minutes to have personal time in the open wilderness (within a reasonable distance from their companion).  During that time they were asked to ponder and meditate about what they have accomplished on their mission and where they are personally at this time.  Then we asked them to set some goals about what more they wanted to do and more importantly, to “become,” not just throughout their mission but for the remainder of their life.  Many of them later talked about how it was a “life-changing” experience and if we accomplished nothing more than that, it was a success.     
Attached you will find a picture of your son with the two of us and his zone (Sister missionaries had a separate picture taken).  We love our missionaries and will always consider it one of the great blessings of our lives to be in the Lord’s service with them.  Thank you for the love and support to your son, it means everything to him. 
Warm regards,
President and Sister Bullock
England Manchester Mission 

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