Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 2nd-9


Wow, there is so much to tell this week! Okay well let me first tell you we have some AMAZING AMAZING NEIGHBORS!!! The Tanners! They sent me a HUGE package of caramel popcorn! It was delicious and I got letters from all of them. They are the greatest!

This week we had interviews and trainings. It was so good, just like it always is. President read a letter though from the first presidency and some things are going to change, like our zone conferences and interviews and district meetings. They are planning on making everything less! President says there wont be too many changes cause he has some leeway!!! They are trying to make it so we only get an interview 4 times a year! That would be no good.

My interview this week was really good though. I love President. He told me that this would for sure be my last transfer in Bolton so next time you hear from me I will be in a new place! I am really excited to get out and see more! I am thinking/ hoping he sends me to the far end of the mission north or south (just for a short time though because the work up there is not so busy). Who knows though I could go any where.

This week we also did something really fun. We traveled to another area and the whole zone street contacted with President. It was really fun to be out there and work with him. I love how he goes out with us and shows us what he’s made of haha.

So right now Elder Stringham and I have three people dated for baptism! Robert’s baptism is this week!! Also, we have two others who are hopefully going to be dated by the end of this coming week. One of them is a woman from shri lanka sp?. It was really interesting but she has hardly heard anything about Jesus Christ the bible Christianity…etc. She is a Buddhist. So yea teaching the restoration was a little difficult. We were definitely relying on a spiritual conversion haha. She came to church though and liked it. We will teach her more this week and go back to the basics!

Today we are going on a zone activity to tour the Man City Stadium.  It’s not Man U but it should still be fun. We have to go to Manchester periodically to take the bus. I love down town Manchester. It is so great. When we went street contacting with president we also had to travel there. My comp and I were able to spot this burrito place and so we couldn’t resist and went there for lunch! It is just like chipotle! Not as good but for England it’s top of the line!!!!

People have been asking me about the food. English food is actually really good. Pudding or dessert here is DELICIOUS. They make these cakes and pour raspberries and custard all over it. Custard here is like heaven. Also, Yorkshire puddings are these delicious roll type of thing and they are great. We do a lot of cooking our selves though and let me tell you renes rub is a huge hit with everyone of my comps!!!!  How is she doing?

Okay so you wont here from me until probably next Wednesday or Thursday. Also, I have lots of letters to catch up on and probably won’t get to them for a few weeks so bear with me friends! But hey, don’t wait for me to respond go ahead and send another!!!!! (haha just teasing I know that wouldn’t happen)

Well that is about all from me! Hope your doing well.

MOM- Glad your trip was fun hope you took pictures! How is the house?  I have a huge huge  favor of you though. I know you just sent me a package = but I promised sister unsworth (the woman who I love and cant wait for you to meet cause she makes us tea all the time brings it to our house and sets up all our appointments with other people) I would get her a copy of Reflections of Christ. She saw the Dvd at some relief society thing and started to cry. I told her I know him and could get her that. I haven’t been able to do anything for her so if you could get me a book and the dvd that would be AMAZING!!! You are the best mom ever but if you can do this for me there are just a few things I need also... I will be more specific this time. Let me know.

I love you though you are amazing miss you lots!!!

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