Monday, August 2, 2010

July 26- Aug 2


Happy to hear that the wedding was great! Kenz look beautiful, good for her and Jim!! Wow so many events have been going on at home! It seems like one is happening everyday but it must just be that time is flying on a mission!!!

This week was really good! We had lots of fun and were able to have some great success. Roberts baptism is pushed back a week because he accidentally drank tea (thought he didn’t have to until after) but he will get baptized the 14th!!!!

We are now teaching this woman her name is Angie and she is from Tanzania! She came to church yesterday and loved it! Hopefully we will get her to commit to a date this week!!!Also, things are kicking back up with the knight’s mom Sheila!

I went on an exchange this week with elder Torres who is from France.  He is amazing and it was lots of fun. You’re probably thinking a French elder amazing?  Haha It is true though he is such a hard worker and it was week full of laughs. Don’t give him wheat bread though because it is “disgusting” haha.
So this week I was able to Drive again and I am getting pretty good if I might say so myself. I have my written test on Wednesday and so I have to study today lots!!! The actual driving test I cannot take until I have passed the theory test and it is usually about a months wait! So most likely I will have to take it in another city.

 Transfers are the 18th and well….It is time! Hahahahaha My companion is great and Bolton is Amazing but I am ready for a CHANGE!!!  We have this man in our ward he is from Liverpool. He is one of the funniest persons in England! Anyways the scous (liverpoolians) have a complete different language. When I first came to England I could not understand a word he spoke. But he being an amazing man went and got me a little booklet/ scous dictionary translator. It is hilarious I think I may have to send it home and then you will get a chance to speak a little like the liverpudlians!!!

Well sorry this letter is short but I just didn’t have to much to say this week….
Hope you are all doing well! Love you lots!


MOM give the boys a big hug and keep taking lots of pictures!!!!

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