Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ahoy from Paradise aka the The Rock aka The Isle of MAN!!!!

8/9 - 8/19

That subject was not a joke! I could not have even asked heavenly father to give me such a wonderful opportunity. Well besides being on the Isle I have been made District Leader, Senior Companion, I am follow up training, and I am driving with my American License.  It is beautiful here. Comparing it to Bolton is like comparing an apple to a hamburger it just doesn’t work! The people are friendly, the country is beautiful, and the ward is amazing. This is truly the envy of the mission!!!

My companion is Elder Boswell from Taylors Ville, Utah.  He was trained by an ex-assistant so needless to say he doesn’t need much following up! I sometimes question if I am the one being trained. We get along well though. Lots are going on here and I am really excited for this transfer!

We live with a member. She is amazing and so so kind. It is kind of hard to explain but we come in through the back and are able to get into our room, which is like a mini flat totally secluded from the house with everything we need. It is small but very nice. 

So the island is its own country and has its own government and currency etc.  It took a three-hour boat ride from Liverpool to get here. Last night we got in at about 11:30. There is a senior couple on the island (truly senior) and we work with them a lot. Their names are the Allen’s. I have met them at zone conferences before and they are wonderful! I have to give district meeting with just the four of us!  Pray for me. Also, Elder Sturt is my Zone leader so that is kind of fun.

Driving is interesting. The roads here are TINY and the speed limit is FAST. It is kind of scary but it’s also really fun. They have roundabouts that connect to other roundabouts. That was interesting!  HAHAHA we made it through no problems!!

Well Robert was baptized and confirmed last week and it was the perfect way to leave Bolton. Saying goodbye to everyone was good. I think we taught the most lessons in one day that I ever have! It was busy busy busy but great and I am now SO excited for the new adventures ahead.

For sister unsworth if you could send that directly to her that would be amazing! I was going to have you just throw some stuff in there but now that you’re sending it direct I don’t need it. She baked me a huge carrot cake and printed me off a map of the Isle and wrote down some little bits and bobs about the place. She is so kind and does so much!  Sadly I left the address at home and will get it to you next week.

Well tell Melissa congrats. I am so excited for her she will have lots of fun. I pray for the Bangarts often hope things get better soon.  Crazy/exciting to hear about jami and rique. I have a friend who actually is from Italy and rique trained his ex girlfriend. Elder Dopido. Funny clippings from Robert! That is a crazy story.

Robs new house sounds like a place I may have to visit! That is the parking lot I like to see. How is your calling going? I love that scripture thanks for sending it!

I am sure you all have lots of questions so just fire them away and I will respond to them on Monday! I love you all. Thanks for the emails and all that you do for me!!


PS. No car should ever come in yellow!
PPS. I have some funny things to tell you about this country like fairy bridge and manx cats! I will make sure to get that to you on Monday!!!

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