Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Second week in the MTC

Wow so they expect us to have the busiest week of our lives and then read all your emails and then try to fit in what all happened this week into a 30 min computer time!!!! I will try my best. Thanks for all the emails you guys are great!

So wow things are going so fast but it is great! The spirit in this place is as strong as in the Temple! I have learned tons and think because of my experience here that i am truly (with the Lords help) going to be able to change some people's lives.

This is an amazing work and i am so happy to be apart of it. Just last Thursday we went to downtown Manchester and did some people stopping. They had us change companions and so i was with this elder from Germany who hardly spoke any English. He was a great guy though and we are good friends now, but besides the point we were able to talk to lots of people and get 4 follow up appointments as well as 4 book of Mormons handed out. It was really fun and just a little glimpse into the future!

Other than that they have kind of keep us in confinement here. Its been really fun and really necessary but oh my goodness i am ready to see the rest of humanity. I leave next Wednesday so i am looking forward to that.
Tonight we are having one of the mission presidents from the other mission come give us a devotional and i have to conduct!!! Hope it goes well. Mom funny that you are teaching about the law of chastity, we just got done teaching that lesson!! (1 Corinthians 6:19-20) best way to start talking about it!

Today we went to the temple again and it was amazing! Sometime you guys need to go through here and see the celestial room, its great! Oh also we went around Preston and saw all the church history sites, it was great!! Tons of history here!!

Paige pics look great! Congrats and thanks for keeping up on the blog. When you get mail here it is like Christmas, truly! Everyone looks forward to the mail coming on weds!!

Rowland congrats! The food here has been actually pretty good, however everyone that is from England thinks its like eating at Ruths Chris so that might be a hint as to how the next two years will be!

Mom my suits are great and of course I'm the best dressed, but lots of people have pin stripes and cuff links. Also, I found the hat, don't worry about sending me the cologne though unless you want to. I'm thinking by now that i will just buy some when i get out of here. It does stink literally though not to have any!!!!!
That is crazy about Roberts email. If you could tell his family that the only way i can write him is through mail, that would be great. So i need his address!

Everything is good though. Everyone about had a fit when i told them i needed a dry cleaner for my shirt!!!! Am i supposed to wash them??? Tell Billy and Kati congrats! I'm not sure about my address. I will have it eventually. I don't know if i have the mission office address or not but that is where you can send me stuff for right now.

Times up sorry this is horrible cause i have lots of funny experiences and fun things to tell you but i cant fit it in sorry!!!!

love you! miss you! Hope life is great! Peace out!
Elder Cunningham!!! :)

PS my comp is really funny and from England, he wants me to add that he is very attractive and very humble!! Hope i can send you pics!!

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