Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The first letter from Elder Cunningham!

Hey family,
Its your son. Remember me? Wow so time flies here and its way intense. If Nazis ran this MTC I am not sure if much would change! HAHA, JUST KIDDING! Its not that bad. It actually has been a ton of fun and I really love it. The MTC is full! There are about 41 missionaries here and about 4 districts. My companion is a Englishman from Worthing his name is Elder Baynes. I like him a lot. He has a lot of health problems like allergies and eczema, but we get along great and he is a good missionary. 
The work is good. We wake up a 630 and then work until 1030. It keeps us busy, but its great and I really love all the guys. Dad you can tell your missionaries that you have another testament to study Preach My Gospel as much as possible. I don't know if it would do much good though, because I never listened to anyone that told me that, but it truly is the way we do missionary work. 
So after we wake up have personal study and then we go to companion study. After that, we have class, then we work out, and then we usually go to lunch. After lunch we have some personal time and then we go to class, then have a devotional, and then class again, and then dinner ..... and so on. There isn't really any schedule to things yet except for in the mornings. 
We have had some really great devotionals. Yesterday we had the previous Preston Temple President and his wife speak to us. They did an amazing job and I conducted the meeting. It was really cool. The uncool part was later that night (unannounced to us) he was the fake investigator that we had to teach for our first mile stone. He was hard and wouldn't stick to the script that he was given and he just fired question after question, but overall me and my comp did fine. He is a really funny and nice guy.

The food has not been too bad but it also hasn't been too great! ha ha We had meat on Sunday and I was like why in the world does this taste so disgusting!!!! Then I came to find out that its lamb and people actually like that kind of stuff. Gross!!!!! I have lots to say to you but am running out of time cause we got stuck late at the temple so next week will be better!!! I will just list a few bullet points.
  •  Preston MTC is one of the prettiest places
  • I am district leader of the Nephite district
  • We went to the temple today and it was amazing. My favorite temple yet
  • The weather is what you would expect. Its been snowing but its not as cold as what I was thinking
  • My president and his wife are really great/nice people
  • The teachers are all great
  • I am learning tons
  • I think I left my cologne and my beanie
  • We have to wear a suit everyday everywhere
  • Not that many people here are from America, many are from Germany and the UK
  • Everything is good
  • I love this place

    Shoot, time is all out! I'm sorry, next week will be much better!! Tell people to write me letters that would be great! Its like Christmas when the mail comes
    Love Richard

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    1. We love Elder Cunningham! Thanks for keeping us updated Paige!
      Love the zebra story.