Friday, February 19, 2010

Opening the CALL

We are going to back track just a little bit here.....
Last November Richard received his Mission Call. He had the letter sent to his apartment up at BYU, and had my parents fly into town to be apart of the grand opening. He and his roommate Brian just happened to both receive their calls on the same day.
The two boys were so excited they wanted to have a photo shoot with the mail man!
After Richard picked up the letter, he and our parents came down to my office in Midvale to meet up with Glen and I.  Everyone from my office had gone home for the day, so Nicole let us get on her computer and skype with Rob, Alisa, and the boys, and have Rowland and Chareese on speaker phone. It was so fun to gather around and watch Richard read the call.
Manchester, England!

The best part about watching Richard open his call, was seeing his excitement! He could not have been happier about where he was headed. After he called all his friends and the rest of the family, we went out and celebrated at a nasty dinner! (sorry about that one) But we all had lots of fun sharing all the excitement with everyone.

A few weeks later the whole family was in Arizona for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Richard and his older sister Charrese were both able to receive their endowments from the Mesa, Arizona temple. It was such a neat experience to have the entire Cunningham clan in the temple together for the first time.

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