Friday, February 19, 2010


     Yesterday morning Richard said goodbye and left Phoenix on a first class flight to the Atlanta airport (Thanks to his Uncle Marc who is a big wig for Delta!).  There he had a long layover, so our favorite sister in law Alisa drove three hours to take the kids to meet up with him for one last goodbye. They were able to spend the afternoon at an aquarium (pictures to come in a later post). Richard said it was one of the best he has ever been to. They were planning on going back to the airport two hours before his next flight took off. Thus giving him plenty of time to get through security. 
     Well of course they ended up taking a little longer and were already running a little behind the planned schedule. When they got on the freeway they realized they were stuck in dead stop traffic. Not a car was moving. Richard and Alisa started to panic a bit as time was ticking and their car wasn't moving. All of a sudden Richard looked out the window and saw a zebra.... that's right, a black and white stripped animal that mostly lives in Africa.
     He and Alisa laughed hysterically when seeing this wild animal run down the highway, all while police men on foot, bike, and car tried to chase it down. (I can only imagine this image and wish I were there!) Long story short they were able to catch the zebra and traffic was able to begin moving. Luckily Uncle Marc was able to call the airport and have them hold the plane, he just BARLEY made it onto his flight.
     I'm sure this story will go down as one of Richard's fondest highlights... can you imagine the phone call to his mission president.... "Sorry Pres, a zebra made me miss my flight!" Thank goodness he didn't have to make that call and for all we know, all is well with Richard in Preston, England at the MTC.

Here is a link to the news story... apparently the zebra belonged to the traveling circus in town.


  1. HAHA! I saw this on the news!!! Crazy he actually saw the poor thing running down the highway!! Glad he made his flight :)

  2. Hilarious story! Great job on the blog Paige! We sure love that boy... thanks for keeping us updated!