Monday, March 22, 2010

03/15 - 03/22


So much is going on!!!! First off we had an amazing week filled with lots of miracles and faith building experiences. We were able to go on exchanges with the assistants for a day and that was amazing. Elder Ridley (one of the assistants) was amazing! We literally set up appointments with over 18 people in one day. It is interesting to see who the president chooses as his right hand men (what they are like, how they work, the kind of people they are…) the answer is pretty much perfect!!!! Haha but seriously they are both amazing missionaries and taught me lots!

One of Presidents rules is that we cannot say the word GUYS! You would not believe how easy that seems to quit. Just try it! It is proving to be quite a difficult challenge for me. The reason is its “not very dignified” or something, the point is I cannot stop saying it!!! I am down to about 5 times a day, but still you would think I dropped a four letter word bomb when it slips!

Bolton recently had some fascist against Asians riot against the Asian Equality group. Apparently it was a huge deal and lots of people got hurt/arrested. We however, missed all the action because we went on another exchange in Rochdale. It was fun to be with some other missionaries!

So as you have been watching the wheather here has been cold but fairly dry…that is until I go on this exchange and it just rain and rains and rains and rains!! No problem except for the fact that when I go to open up my tumi umbrella it is broken!!!! I haven’t used it yet and its broken off the top! I think I will send it home and you might be able to sort that out with the people cause that is not right! Anyways, so unfortunately all the appointments set up fell through and we contacted in the cold for the whole day and it did not stop raining hahahaha! It was fun though cause the burb (Burberry jacket)  pulled through, and the only thing completely drenched was my shoes and head.

So you all might of thought I would come home with a beautiful accent! Sorry not gonna happen and even if it did… well I will just write you a little note that was passed to someone in church it reads “glad yer ‘ere y’owd git! Y’ad us werrid scousers cont be got rid ov quik the nose!” WHAT???? It is this amazing lady who has cooked us two meals so far and sets up all of our dinner appts. She truly is amazing but I mean that is how some people talk, I don’t even know what she was trying to say!!

This week we have another baptism.. I am running out of time so I will put what I wrote to president in our letter Just yesterday we were visiting an investigator family, the Balogs, when the daughter exclaimed to us that she wanted to be baptised. She and her parents have been dated for a while but complications with a marriage certificate have been slowing the process. Last night she felt the spirit strongly and said she did not want to wait for her parents. She then went on to say she was ready this week. So this Saturday Barbra Balog will be getting baptised. It is amazing to see such strong faith in young children. Unlike most adults they are sensitive to the spirit and can see the truthfulness and goodness of this gospel!

Everything is amazing I love you hope bev gets better keep him in my prayers that is scary!!!!!!

Okay so instead of sending you the bose I might keep it send my ipod and hook up a walkman to the speakers. If you haven’t given my cologne to Rowland I would love it, we just don’t have enough time for shopping… also my brown gloves, pics of my car, and a lint roller, and some renes rub / Mexican spices. Its best to send ups or us post office because fed ex has large taxes I guess??? Also I have been doing laundry all on my own and ironing! AS soon as I become the senior comp that will be done away with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dad- Hope you are doing great! Quads sounds like a blast. I'm excited for you, have fun in mex!

Mum- I hope this letter is better for you, i don’t know what is best, its just hard to fit it all in a short time. Porsche all the way, blue sliver??? How are the twins?? Miss you love you!

Rowland- Thanks tons, eat food you Ethiopian!! Good luck at mex, find me a sis in-law and bro in-law!!!

Paige and Glen- what the heck!!!! Jp good luck on the move!!!!

Rob and Alias- That is so exciting congrats! Alias get feeling better! Tell the boys and ali I miss and love them tons and am grateful for the prayers!


(joke kinda) hahahah jp

Love and miss you all tons, the work here is great and I am learning and growing at an amazing rate! Its crazy what can be accomplished with the spirit. Here from you soon!!!

Elder Cunningham

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