Monday, March 15, 2010

First week out in the field!

Too much to write!!! I have no clue where to begin. I will start with the MTC. Wow it was great but Rowland is right, the shorter the better! President Clegg and his wife were great people and most likely going to the celestial kingdom! 
So four of us got picked up by APs early in the morning and then drove to the mission home. There we met president and his wife. Surprisingly Sister Bullock was extremely nice and so was president. We got there and had a huge to do about all the rules and policies. I have a binder and its like 1000 pages long with all the things I am supposed to do and not do, its crazy. I am not aloud to have my ipod because it has video capabilities. Also the music can only be the music that is on that tiny list so no EFY music!!!!!! I think I am going to have to send it and the Bose stereo home because its too big of a hassle. They are strict, strict, strict, but its good though! 
We had lunch at there house and a testimony meeting. We were there from about 7 to 1! Following lunch we went to the chapel where we met our trainers. I will be honest I saw the chubby one and just new that I was going to get him! Haha well what can you do. He is from Utah, but he is a great missionary. We get along good and the next few weeks will be a great experience. We left and went home (2 hour bus ride) to our flat and unpacked. Its small and dirty but what are you gonna do?! Actually dirty is an understatement, its disgusting! I have cleaned (SHOCKER I KNOW) and its some what better now. 
Missionary life is crazy! We talk to every single person we see. We also stop people on the bus and talk to them! (THE WHOLE BUS!!!!) Its awkward, but we got a good message and we are gonna share it! Bolton is an interesting area. Rob and Rowland are right, tons and tons of immigrants and Muslims. Were not supposed to teach Muslims though. I went to church and there is a huge mix of people. We had dinner at a members house and its this lady who is extremely nice and cooked us some okay food… hahah but she bought us groceries and she is just amazing. 
The baptism was great it’s a 13 year old boy and his name is ROLAND!!! He is from Poland and hardly speaks English haha, but we are all Gods children!!

-Rowland if you could write Abb ripper X that would be great!
-Chareese, good luck on the husband hunt.
-Paige that is so exciting! I'm sad I'm not there to live with you in PHX, but I'm happy and excited for you to get out of poor Utah.
-Rob and family- That is soooo exciting! Stay there long enough so that in two years I can come visit! What an amazing experience, doing the Cunningham's proud!
-Dad that is amazing keep up the good work im excited for you and tell Bo congrats. I am excited that you finally found something!!!! Dad i love love love my pen and use it everyday its the greatest, thanks again!!!!!!! PS. the girls haven't written me anything and also no one can email me except family. I cant even read it, i have to delete it!
-MOM, miss you and love you! Its mothers day here last Sunday and I thought about you!!!! I hope you have a great time in South Carolina and DC! My clothes are amazing, i still look hot don't worry. I have lost some lbs too, but the pics look fat i think. When i send the ipod i will put the memory card in. I miss you tons, but i am having a great time though! shooooooooooottttttttttttttt i am all out of time, the computer is going to die on me! sorry this letter is so rushed, i love you!!!!


Richard's new pday is on Monday, so expect this blog to be updated every Monday!

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