Monday, March 29, 2010

March 22-29

Okay so now in my life, let me tell you a little bit about it, it seems to be a little bit more up beat!!! This week we had zone conference and I had to give the opening prayer. I was nervous but it went well. It was crazy to see all the people in my mission, well at least half because our mission is split up into two different sections, north and south. Right now im in the north. 

President and his wife gave two of the best talks I have ever heard in my life. I think he might be replacing good’ol President Packard’s seat in a few years! His talk was on the atonement and he had six pages of quotes and scriptures printed out for us. Sister Bullocks was on accountability and she did a really great job. Overall the mission seems to be full of really great missionaries and im excited to meet more of them!

The baptism last week was great! I was the one who was actually performing the baptism. She doesn’t speak much English. The family is from Hungary and the only thing she said is, "I want the blonde one!" Haha so yea, I guess she got it. Her parents are actually going to go to Hungary this week though because they can get married easier there!

We are teaching a 19 year old named Clare. She has a 2 year old and baby dady is a less active 30 year old. However, she seems to be progressing and we are excited.

Also, these people we are teaching are trying to set me up with there friends model daughter… hahah. We tried to explain that I can't date anyone, but she isn’t really getting it, at least I don't think…

  • I had to give my testimony on the spot at ward conference (scary but it went well)
  • Crazy woman in the ward made all the missionaries chocolate eggs for easter

Im out of time, sorry!

I love you all and miss you. Sorry this letter is short I just don’t have time because we are going hiking today and I have to still get everything done!!! Hope you are all doing well! I love you,  I miss you. Your in my prayers. I know im where I am supposed to be and that there is no greater work to be done!

Your favourite son! (English spelling)

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