Sunday, April 17, 2011

March 28 - April 4


Liverpool is incredible. This is the promise land. We have just had so many miracles and been able to teach lots and lots of people. Yes, it is a city and we are teaching more immigrants than English people. However, it has been a great experience to get to meet people from all over the world. One the missionaries kept track of how many different nationalities people were from that he spoke to. In a matter of 6 weeks he had spoken to people from over 90 different nations!

Our most progressing investigator right now is a woman named Sunny from china. She is extremely great. We taught her the word of wisdom on Saturday. Tea is a big big issue for the Chinese. It is apart of therr culture and they normally drink it like its water. Sunny has felt the spirit and was able to commit to living it.

We are also teaching a group of Indians studying in the nautical science program. They are some of the kindest men you have ever met. Each time we go to their house they are so enthused about what we are saying. One of the men, Jithu, when he read from the Book of Mormon said he felt a shock run through his body and had an overwhelming feeling of comfort. I think because of the culture in India many of them are sensitive to the spirit and able to feel its great influence. We have big hopes for them and hope to see progress.

This week we had Zone Conference and I am getting anxiety knowing that they are numbered with the Bullocks. President gave training on the great apostasy and the restoration. Scary to see how much evidence there is that support it, both doctrinal and physical. Sister Bullock gave an award winning talk on “being believing” and went through many of the stories in Christ life. They are just incredible people and have a special ability to give fantastic talks. I wish they were all written down so you could read them.  

The tomtom has been a huge help. This is a short transfer and since Elder Darrow is leaving at the end of the transfer I am going to need to know the whole zone in only five weeks. We have lots of exchanges planned and are looking forward to another great transfer.



Parents-I am so jealous of this dive trip! I think because of everything that is going on at home you should delay it another year!

Madeline- What has happened family are you not looking out for my future posterity? How can you let a Canadian take my place? Haha, only teasing, tell her congrats!!

Paige-I love the pictures they are the greatest. That is very sad about lynlee’s bro. I will keep them in my prayers.

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