Sunday, April 17, 2011

March 21-28


The rumors about Liverpool are true! This is a blessed area and I am so excited to be here. Due to the busy week, we only had one new investigator by Friday night. Between Saturday and Sunday we were blessed to get 10 new investigators, many of which were from teaching on the spot. The Lord blessed us greatly as we went out and worked diligently and faithfully.

Liverpool is a University area so we are able to work with many Chinese. There are three Chinese speaking missionaries in the ward alone and 6 missionaries in total. From serving on the Isle of Man, I had been to the ward previously and felt of their great spirit. The ward is really strong and about 150 to 200 come on Sunday. Very similar to the ward I just came from but with a much younger crowd. The ward has a very large YSA and many of them are from China!

This weekend I was able to go on a mini exchange with Elder Jin. This was my first opportunity to work with one of our Chinese missionaries. On our way to our appointment we stopped a Polish man and I could not help but feel such joy in knowing the gospel is filling the earth. Each one of us is from a different country, living in a foreign land, speaking about the restored gospel! Prophesy is being fulfilled and it’s incredible to be apart of it.    

Elder Darrow is great and we have been having a wonderful time. This week we have to give trainings for the whole zone and it is going to very exciting.

Miss you lots!

PS- Thank you so much the sat nav is going to help out a lot!

PPS- Mom keeps neglecting me and not sending emails? What’s the deal? Only teasing I know something probably happened with the comp or life got crazy. I would love to hear from you next week though!!!!! J

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