Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 4- 11th


What a blessed week here in the Pool, full of exciting adventures. I was able to go on an exchange with one the district leaders, we had General Conference, and now I am participating in the missions 40 day fast.

Exchanges are my favourite! Not because I don’t love my companion but just because you get the chance to work with missionaries at all different stages of their mission, with each really unique backgrounds, from all over the world. Also, the lord blesses exchanges and we always see miracles on them. This week I was with Elder Jager who is from Germany. We have started doing what is called a consecrated hour of finding each day in the zone. It is where you dedicate an hour to the Lord and pray to see miracles. That is exactly what happened. During our hour of finding we were able to set up many appointments but what was so miraculous was that from that short hour all the appointments turned into new investigators!

General Conference was a feast. We were asked to bring prayerfully sought out questions and promised they would be answered. Well the promise came true. I brought seven questions and each one of them was answered. Elder Oaks and Bednar covered most of them. It was surprising to see how much many of the talks were focused on things that President Bullock has been training us on. It just goes to show that they are all getting their inspiration from the same source!

I dont know if i explained this yet or not but the 40 days leading up to Easter each companionship is taking 24 hours to fast. We are fasting so that the mission can lift to a higher level, see miracles, and achieve our annual baptismal goal. 

This week we were blessed in total to have 13 new investigators! Great things are happening here and we are teahcing lots! Sunny is doing well. School is still very busy however she told us the other day that she feels god is truly answering her prayers. A few weeks ago she did not know who God was!!

A less active recent convert came into church randomly all on his own the other day. It was a pleasant surprise and just explained to us that he had gone through some struggles that caused his testimony to waver but he knows the church is true. We set up an appointment to go and visit him and when we went to the appointment he invited his friend along. His friends name is the same as his, Allen, but he was really interested in the church and so we taught them the restoration and now Allen is dated for baptism. He came to all sessions of general conference and has continued to read from the BOM! He is from England and has had a rough past but is looking for a fresh start.

This week is interviews and trainings. It is always something to look forward to. We only have interviews every other transfer and so I will have one more with president before he leaves.  

Well I am sorry if my letters are starting to get less detailed. It is hard because so much is going on that it is hard to fit it all into one email. I love being here though and great things are happening. I love you lots.


Rob- that is so exciting! Congrats. I am sure you are going to do great things. Now that you have such a high position maybe you could get the boss to send me a company shirt!

Paige- thanks for the pictures… preston looks so cute!!!

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