Sunday, April 17, 2011

March 7th- 17th


Unfortunately, I have just had to write two long emails to president and the mission office and so I am short on time. However, I will try and make it good.

First things first, I had to write a letter to the mission office because we had a surprise baptism! It was not actually our baptism because we never taught her but Toni Robinson is married to a member in the ward and has been taught by the missionaries for quite some time. She is incredibly shy and has not had the courage to get baptised and confirmed in front of a huge group of people. Well, Rachel Coleman is a missionary who taught her about two years ago, moved back into the ward. They continued to be friends and Rachael helped her take that leap of faith and be baptised! Toni was able to be baptised and confirmed with a very simple service where only the family was invited and us!

This was a crazy week. We were very blessed again to have lots and lots of miracles. first transfer here in Wythenshawe I set up an appointment with a woman named Jenny. Unfortunately, after several attempts the appointments kept falling through. The other day we got a referral and it was for Joe. We confirmed a time with him and went to teach him. The appointment with Joe fell through. However, Joe’s wife Jenny was in and we were able to teach her and commit her to baptism, which she accepted. It just goes to show Heavenly Fathers great love for each one of his children!

We are currently teaching this man named Madhav from india. He is currently getting his masters and was born hindu. We found him walking on the street and asked him if we could walk to his home and teach him. He agreed and told us that he has always felt drawn to Christianity. He came to church this week and is dated for the 26th!

Another surprise, Nicodemus showed up to church! We have not been able to get a hold of him because he has had a crazy work scheduled. He came and apologised and said he wants to know what he has to do so that he can be baptised! We cannot teach him because of work but as soon as he gets his schedule figured out he will progress quickly.

We have begun teaching Nadia (martin’s girlfriend) again. She says that she has true desire to stop smoking and knows the church is true. She is dated for the 26th as well.

Liam is continuing to be amazing. We have really pushed to be able to teach his family and so hopefully will be invited this week!!!

The other catholic Indian family is incredible. They all work these crazy shifts so we are currently only able to teach them once a week. We watched the restoration DVD and they all felt the spirit and talked about how much power was in the message we were sharing. WE are teaching them on Saturday and so we hope to get them to church this Saturday.

WELL LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ALL. I cannot believe you are going to palo without me!!!! I guess you can always go again. Good luck with the wedding plans.


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