Wednesday, May 11, 2011

April 21- 25th

This has been quite the week! We were blessed with six investigators at church and we now have six dated for baptism all on the 14th of May. I know I haven’t been good about writing about each so I will just give you a brief summary.

Sunny- Sunny is from Inner Mongolia (China) and we have been teaching her for a few weeks now. Back in china she had a bad experience where she went to one of her friend’s baptisms in another church and thinking she was just a spectator got forced to be baptized by the pastor. Well fortunately this week we were able to take her to a baptism in the zone and she felt the spirit so strong that she accepted a baptismal date! I think she like the fact she left dry.

Jithu, Tony, Praveen- They are students from the southern part of India, Carla. Jithu is hindi but the other two are Christian. This week we taught about the 10 commandments really emphasizing the first two. They are very pure in heart and have identified the spirit many times. It is sad to take away jithus rich culture however the church is true!

Kayley- A member referral! She was in the hospital and became friends with the woman sitting next to her who happens to be a member of the church. Kayley is 21 and the member is 50 but God works in mysterious ways. Only a few days out of the hospital and kayley was at church excited to learn more about God and strengthen her faith which had been wavering for some time. WOW! Blessings from heaven.

Ako- (Not to be confused with akon) is an amazing man from the Congo. His brother is actually a member but lives between London and Liverpool. He has come to church a few times with his brother before but never been taught. I set up an appointment with him a few weeks ago but it fell through. Yesterday he came to church and we were able to teach him. We walked with him to a member’s home and had dinner/taught him the restoration. He accepted baptism immediately.  
These are just the people who have accepted baptism not to mention the many others who we are teaching.

Just yesterday we had only a few hours of finding and were able to meet and teach this Chinese student who wanted to know what the difference was between all the Christian churches. We were more than excited to tell him.  He accepted baptism and all the other commitments we left him.

This week we had zone leader council at the Bullocks home. It is my favorite meeting of the transfer. We come together and do a SWOT or strengths and weakness evaluation and then make plans for the coming transfer. The mission is doing incredible. Lots of great things are going on and are only going to get better. There is lots of talk about transitioning the mission and making it ready to hand over to President Preston.

Family, I cannot fully explain all the wonderful things that are happening here in Liverpool via email. We have been the recipients of so many blessings. I feel as though each day we go out and work the Lord is guiding and directing us to his children who are prepared to hear His message!


PS. If you have any questions ask.
Tell Rowland and Amanda congrats got the invite and it looked really great. AKA Posh

Tell Shelby congrats as well! One day i will get around to writing.
PPS. Have you heard from elder aaron darrow??

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