Wednesday, May 11, 2011

April 25th- May 2nd


Wow. I cannot believe it actually happened! Congratulations! It looks like the wedding was quite the event. At least from what I can see... The pictures come up so small on the computer so make sure to send them to me in print please!!!!  Everyone looks amazing. I forgot to write what I wanted to say to Amanda for Rowland and so you will just have to tell her. I wanted to give her some nail polish and then tell her that, “you may be used to having a girl’s day out and getting your nails done but now that you are married to Rowland you’re going to need to make sure he is invited. Just make sure to pick out your favorite color first because who knows he may steel the one you wanted!”  I also thought about getting her the affirmation ball you sent me and telling her that whenever Rowland asks her questions just shake the ball and it will give her the right answer!!!  

This week was great. I may not have been at the family wedding however I did watch the royal wedding. President gave us all permission to watch it for two hours. Although it may have been completely apostate and terminating at death, it was still great to see. I think the princess got the short end of the stick, she is much prettier!   

Also, today is a bank holiday so we were able to go to the temple. It was great. I was able to see lots of people from other wards as well as missionaries because it is the one day that we can go. Famous sister unsworth from bolton was there and still remembers that wonderful package you sent her!

Alright well great things in the work are happening. This week my companion was telling me that in his morning study he learned that you can know you are working by the spirit if at the end of the day you can remember when you received revelation. Later that day I was sitting in the car and out of know where the name of an investigator popped into my head. I realized that we needed to be at a specific spot at a specific time. She was there waiting for us and we were able to have an amazing lesson and resolve some big concerns she has been having. Revelation is such an interesting thing but I know that it is true!!!  

Mother’s day I will Skype you at 4:00 pm your time 8:00 am. I am looking forward to seeing all of your beautiful faces.

Love, Richard

Ps. Osama Binladen news is so exciting! It is interesting. If you could send me some more news on it that would be great. Right now president bullock is being very cautious and we are not to work in any heavily populated Muslim areas just in case.   

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