Monday, August 8, 2011

July 25- August 1


Elder Jager and I have been so blessed and so busy. Everything is
going amazing. We have had 2 exchanges this week, meetings both stake
and missions related, swapped the car, and continue in our everyday
proselyting efforts!

Beverly is just one in a million. Just a couple weeks ago I spoke to
her on a bus stop and this week, Saturday, she will be baptised! She
is the only investigator I have had that has progressed to their
initial baptismal date. Everything we have taught her she has accepted
and begun living immediately. Last night we taught her tithing and she
told us about how she was excited to get her pay check in the next few
weeks so that she can pay it! It has been a wonderful opportunity to
teach her.

Rowell Santos is also now dated for the 20th of August. There
anniversary is the 18th of August and his wife committed him to read
the book of Mormon by then and make the first step to being an eternal
family. It is exciting. He has had hesitation because of Joseph Smith
but as we have shown him the significance of the BOM he is beginning
to develop faith in him. What we have been doing is meeting him on his
lunch break and reading with him. Tonight were going to have FHE with

The car swap is a funny story. The missionaries in Ashton had their
car Sheniqua stolen. Out of all the cars in the mission sheniqua would
be the one to turn up missing. Some thief’s crawled through the window
and took the keys. Eventually the police found the car a few days
later but not the keys. So sheniqua has been relocated to Chester with
the spare keys!!! She is wonderful, true to her name. The car we gave
was automatic and we are back to manual and it is a nice change.

This week we had a few minutes to tract before we went in for the
night. Whilst driving past a row of cottages we felt prompted to stop
and knock them. Once we began knocking we felt as though the homes
were dark and looked empty, no one was in. Instead of picking a new
street to tract we decided to walk down the road and stick to the
initial prompting we had. At the end of the row of cottages we saw a
little old window with a light on and decided to knock. Misses Lawson
as 78 year old grandma answered the door and responded “I was
wondering when you were going to turn up.” As a young woman, misses
Lawson attended the church and even contemplated baptism. Due to
family objection and moving she had lost contact from the church.
However, she kept the fond memories. She told us that as the new
chapel was built in Ewloe she was contemplating attending, waiting for
someone to knock by sometime. The time finally came and as we taught
her she explained to us her desire to be baptised! She has some
hesitations because of her health but knows that there is a special
spirit in that church, one that she hasn’t been able to find anywhere
else.  I know truly that revelation is real and that it comes from
God. As we listen to the promptings we receive we will be blessed to
find those who are truly prepared and be the instruments that he needs
us to be!

Alright I love you and am glad to hear about all the exciting thigns
going on. I love all the pictures and love getting emails on Monday!
Hope you have a great week and know that I love you.

Love, Elder Cunningham

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