Monday, August 8, 2011

August 1st- August 8th


This has been an exceptional week. It sounds like things back home are going well. I love getting the pictures! Thank you thank you.

Beverley’s baptism was a wonderful event. We had a great turnout from the ward and a very special spirit was felt by all who attended. Beverley was able to progress to her original baptismal date which was only a matter of 4 weeks. As we taught her we could just see how she had been prepared by the Lord to hear the restored gospel! Her husband mike is an interesting man and has zero interest in God. He is really kind though and supportive of his wife. He drives her to church every Sunday and likes to have a chat with us when we come and visit.

Dad asked me a little bit about We use the website a lot and have pass along cards with the website that we give away. We do not get on facebook but we are given some time each month to go and take a brows so we can familiarise ourselves with the site. Take a look at is always our departing message. It’s really good. Tell me when you have made your profile so I can take a look.

I want you to know how grateful I am for the power of revelation and fasting. By Friday night I looked at my planner to see where we were for the week and realised that we had 0 new investigators. Time was short and was cut even shorter by our desire to go to the mission home fireside with Beverley.

We reflected on why this week was so low and realised we hadn’t been making inspired plans and the plans we did make we weren’t sticking to them. After repenting we prayed and fasted that we would be able to hit the standard of four new investigators. As we sought revelation for the plans we made we were committed to stick to them. Quickly, the blessings started to come and we found three new investigators on Saturday.

Sunday after church we were tracting in a well off area looking for that one last investigator. Wondering why the lord chose this street for us to tract, we continued knocking. Fifteen minutes before our lift came to pick us up we taught Ryan on the spot, our 4th new investigator. It was amazing because the area we were in was really nice it was unlikely that we would of taught someone on the spot. However, because we had prayerfully made plans and diligently stuck to them we were blessed.

The other part to this story is that we could not find a lift to Manchester for the fireside. Things were just not adding up. The way was prepared and we found last minute a member who was able to take us. Like the scriptures say, “only after the trial of your faith” (ether 12:6). I had an earlier experience on my mission shockingly similar to this one. I have come to realise that when we come to the lord in prayer and fasting he blesses us abundantly.

The mission president’s fireside was great. President and sister preston are really hardworking loving loving people. Beverley was really happy and loved meeting all of the recent converts and investigators throughout the mission. Lots of people attended and I was able to meet up with many of my former companions/ friends. I truly have found some of my closest friends on my mission. I know that there are many of them who I will keep in contact with forever. Also, Sister Unsworth was there and just thinks my parents are the most incredible people in the world and cannot wait to “feed em’ propa.” Apparently she lends the books out to people so they can see it and is also working on doing a fireside with the dvds. You will love her.

Family love you and miss you. Hope this email finds you well.
Love, Richard

That is really exciting about Whitney. I have a good friend in the mission who is from Portugal. He says it is beautiful and sunny so I am sure she will love it.

Paige-If you could send me her address that would be great. I will write her a little message.  Also I would love to see some pics from Melissa’s wedding. Has she had a reception in phoenix yet? Also, how come Kati isn’t pregnant yet? Is she trying to give Elizabeth a run for her money? (Bible humour priceless) 

Ps. Beverley is a womans name here and Beverly is a mans name, Beverley was sure to correct me!!! Only teasing she just let me know the difference

Pps. Misses Lawson (Barbara) was sick and wanted to leave it for this week. WE will see her sometime this week.

PPPS. Mom you were not joking when you said your hair is platinum and short! ? haha it looks good. You will have to send a real picture next week!

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