Monday, August 8, 2011

June 6 - June 13


Great things are going on here in Chester. First of all, yes I did get to go back to Liverpool and see Sunny’s baptism. I gave a talk on the plan of salvation and it went very well. She was so excited. Apparently after her baptism, when she was getting changed, she was dancing around in the bathroom because she felt so happy. It was really fun to be there and see everyone.

This week we had our last interview and trainings with President and Sister Bullock. Oh it is getting very close and sadder the closer it comes. The interview went really well he had lots of nice things to say and is happy to leave the mission in the hands of great missionaries and great new mission president.

In the afternoon, him and sister bullock sat us in a circle and we had a QA. Then they went on to tell us a little bit more about their lives, things they have learned, and what they want us to learn. It was amazing. President spoke about something he has learned from being a business man…the key to success. Sister Bullock spoke about finding true happiness.

The town of Chester is great. It is very English but I bet if you looked it up on google you could see how pretty it is. As well, we spend lots of time in Wales. That is where the chapel is. Overall, the area is just a bunch of little towns and so we go to these towns for a day and walk around speaking to people and teaching them on the spot.

Elder Metsaranta has perfect English and so there are no troubles there. He has heard of Pilvy’s brothers but doesn’t know them that well. We have a great time together. The car we drive now is still a Mariva but it’s an upgrade…haha it is an automatic. She thinks she is a race car and practically hits the redline before she decides to change gears. It makes for a fun ride.

Yesterday we tried by a former investigator and it turns out she has these two massive pythons that just live in her house. One is over 100 pounds! She let me put the smaller one (still 50 lbs) around my neck. She then went on to tell us how they can escape the cage and she has found them in her bed!!!

This week we went to teach a less active who had been struggling lately. We had planned to teach him this lesson but when we got in I just felt like teaching him this little object lesson with a mirror and a little maze drawn out on a piece of paper. It goes to show how Satan makes life look the same but actually its much different. Anyways, he showed up to church on Sunday and said thank you so much that lesson really clicked in my mind and helped me cure my struggles that I have been having for the past few months. Revelation is great.

Well family I hope all is well. Ps. I did not know Rosen was engaged! That is great. Tell him congrats.

Love you all,

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