Monday, August 8, 2011

May 10th - 16th


It was so good to see you and speak to you. You all look great!

Alright mom it is time to spill the beans. Have you had some work done? If yes you look great. If no well then take it as a compliment that you still look young and beautiful!!!

Elder Packer was amazing. He came and spoke to us about the language of the spirit and how to learn and recognize it promptings. After he took a little meeting with a few of us just to talk about what we need to do for the mission. He was great and told us that follow up is the key to success. It was funny he gave the 8 of us all a hug.  

I will just keep this short and sweet. I love you all hope you have another great week.

Love Richard

Ps. Love all the pictures especially with maddie! 
 If I have some dark conservative sunglasses that would be great. I cant remember all the ones I have had but If the blue ones are around you can just through those in the box.  Thank you

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