Monday, August 8, 2011

May 16th- 23


Great emails this week. thank you. Loved all the pictures you sent as well. The house looks great and seems like it was an amazing party!

Okay so some great things have happened this week.

First thing is Olivia, one of our Chinese investigators, is getting baptised on Saturday! She is really funny and what we would consider a PA (pop Asian). She is 20 and is going to school here in Liverpool. We found her through a recent convert named Fiona. It is amazing the testimony that she has. Her family is not aware of the decision she is making and if they knew they would be really angry. She says that she wants to tell them when she can sit down with them and explain it but even if they don’t like it she doesn’t care. Our ward mission leader phrased it as “she is bad to the bone!” Fiona and her have fed us Chinese a couple of times recently and it is delicious. The other day we did what you call a chinese hot pot. Basically you get a boiling hot pot filled with all sorts of Chinese spices and then you kind of like fondu put whatever vegetables/meat in the pot you want and it cooks. It was delicious and you would be so proud of me because I ate squid, shrimp, tofu, fungi and these fish balls. Not only that but i liked it.  
Since I am on the topic of food we also had some of our Indian investigators feed us one of the largest/spiciest /most delicious meals I have ever had in my life. Alright so they invited us over for dinner (the first white people they have ever cooked for) and just brought out piles and piles of food. This was some of the spiciest food I have ever eaten yet they said they made it especially mild for us (yeah right). We were so excited when we first started but towards the end I was wondering if they would ever stop bringing out food. They just kept bringing in more and more and more and more .... I used to think my stomach was a bottomless pit I now know better. They had curies, kebabs, salads, nan and sorts of delicious Indian things. It was by far one of the greatest meals I have had. I think they main cook, rajan, was sad when we had to explain to him that we literally could not fit anything else into our stomachs. I think he could of kept going for a long time. It was great experience I will have to send pictures sometimes.

The other day we went tracting and we knocked on the door of Rodrick who is a massive (muscular not fat) African man. It was freezing outside and so we knew we knocked on the right door (Africans like their houses HOT). He goes to school in the US but goes home for the summer. Immediately he had a few questions about why there are so many denomination of Christianity and so on but we were able to answer all of them. Finally when we went to share with him the first vision we told him to pay attention to his feeling because he was the spirit tell him the things we were sharing are true. Half way through the first vision he goes “wo, Wo, WO, what is that? What is that feeling?” He was practically out of his seat. It was funny how strong the spirit was and his reaction to feeling but he was definitely touched. After having such a spiritual witness he accepted all the commitments we left him.

It is great to know that the spirit is the true teacher and the one who converts those we teach. It brings comfort to me to know that with all my imperfections the spirit makes up for the rest!

Love, Richard      

Ps. DAD The boat looks amazing! I hope it has some big speakers on it so we can blast some jenny Philips/ motab when I get home. Also, don’t let them give you a hard time about being in the spa with the phone you’re a “hip grandpa”!!!

How did Rowland and Amanda like Africa?

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