Monday, August 8, 2011

June 20th- July 13th


This has been a great/crazy crazy week as i am sure has yours. You could probably guess that it was transfers this week and my companion has gone to Manchester. My new companion is Elder Jager from Hamburg Germany and I am excited to work with him. He will be the second missionary that i kill off. He goes home at the end of this transfer and this is his first transfer being a zone leader.

So exciting that Page had her baby. He is really cute. don't worry i felt very close to the family because while you were in the Hospital watching porter come into the world I was with a missionary (his first transfer in the mission) who had his appendix taken out. Crazy, but it was fun knowing that you were all at a hospital as well. The missionary, elder Webb, is now out and recovering but cannot really work for a full 2 weeks.   

The work is continuing and we have recently met some great new people. Sadly, Em the miracle woman is not answering our phone calls and flaked on our last appointment. The second time we went to teach her she was still very excited and enthusiastic about baptism. As we taught the plan of salvation our fellowshipper asked her what is means to her to know that she can become like Jesus Christ! I think it might have been just a little much the second lesson. Hopefully, she will answer the phone soon and we will be able to resolve her concerns.

However, as one disappears the lord places another prepared person in our path. We found a woman named Beverly who similarly is looking for something new in her life. The church of England church she goes to is cold and just doest touch her heart. She has loved reading the book of Mormon and is excited for church this Sunday! After that she will be dated for baptism.

Lately I have been studying the Acts. It is incredible book, one that i have never had the much appreciation until this last transfer as I have been able to take my time and see the great work they were doing that is still going on today.

Sorry this is short. the comp didn't have word and so i had to switch computers and my time got caught short and the comp i switched to didnt have it either. Sorry about all the type-o's. I look forward to hearing about the adventures in LP. Keep sending pics.


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