Monday, August 8, 2011

July 13-25


CHINA! You are kidding me. That is the most exciting news I have
heard!! Wow, it is like Christmas, in the middle of summer, in an
email! I cannot wait. I hear also Beijing is a must see if you making
plans on where to go. Too bad you cannot see my face while writing
this email. I have a huge smile.

Okay, this week has been very good. As mom noticed the weather has
been a bit nip. It is summer and I am still wearing a suit coat and
the heating is on in the house. However, the work goes on.

Beverly came to church again this week and loved it. She is still
dated for the 6th provided everything goes well with the word of
wisdom. If so it will be a wonderful day. We are cutting it pretty
close though so her date might be pushed back a week but all is well,
she loves church and is progressing quickly.

We are also teaching a part member family. The husband, who has not
been baptised yet, is a man named Rauel. They are both from the
Philippines but Rauel has lived in England his whole life. They had us
over for dinner the other day and fed us this delicious traditional
Filipino meal. I am sure Ramsey will have a great time serving there.
I have been meaning to ask glen which mission he served in? Rauel has
been taught by the missionaries before and goes to church almost every
week. He just hasn’t made the final step/ first step. When we teach
him tonight we are going to try and figure out what his real concern

So my companion Elder Jager (pronounced yayger) is one of ten
children. He lives in Hamburg and is the seventh of the ten. His two
older sisters also both served missions. One in Hawaii and the other
in Phoenix Arizona! We are trying to figure out if she ever served in
our stake.

Right now we are out fnidnign those who are prepared. Chester is an
intersesting area because majority are English, well off, and drive
cars so we cannot street contact them. However, the lord provides a
way and great things are happening. I love you all and am grateful for
the emails.


PS. Mom yes the retainer issue is an orthodontist issue Dr…. I cant
remember his name. The land lord said he was doing some vacuuming and
sucked up a shirt that broke the belt. Well I think it might not been
the shirt that broke it but the retainer. Who knows?

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