Monday, January 24, 2011

Jan 24th- Feb 2


What another great week! All right so first miracle of the week happened on Monday evening. We made plans to try by some potentials and then tract the rest of the evening. We prayed that we would be able to teach three lessons and have at least two new investigators. That evening all potentials fell through, however, we were blessed to accomplish our goals. I know the Lord answers prayers.
Nicodemus is doing really great! We have continued to teach him and he has really enjoyed the lessons. Unfortunately, he did not come to church because he said he was not ready yet. However, we are praying this week he will be “ready”!!! Each lesson we teach has been very spiritual he has been prepared.  Just as it says in Alma 16:16 this scripture is still ringing true here now in England.

Last night we also had some time to tract and we were blessed to get into the house of Charles. No not the prince but equally as loved by God! He was fascinated by the Book of Mormon and is excited to read and hear more.

Liam is also doing very well. He has come to church now three times but is still trying to figure out what to do about his girlfriend. They have been together for 6 years and he loves her but he doesn’t know now if he wants to marry someone who has no faith in God. Also, she is now not so excited about marriage after he came home and told her that they have been living in sin and God has commanded them to split or get married! We are continuing to pray for them. J

We were able to teach a Jamaican woman named Yessica. That was an adventure! She loves Jesus and is a professional singer. She also has braided hair down past her backside!    

Those seem to be the highlights of this week. Lots of good things are going on. Elder Davis is a great missionary and we have a good time together. Transfers are on the second of February so I won’t email you until Wednesday. That means on Tuesday you should email me. I don’t think I will be transferred but we will see.



MOM Happy birthday again!!!!!!

PS. Dad i did pay E. dredge for the papers. Does this mean i am an official owner of a company? haha :)

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