Monday, January 24, 2011

email from the mission home

Dear Parents,

We held a special zone conference the first week in January where we talked about Captain Moroni’s Title of Liberty and how that stood as a standard to the world.  We also talked about how a standard is a declaration of who we are, what we believe and what we stand for.  As part of the conference, we had each of the missionaries write their own title or standard representing these very things.  Prior to that, we gave them quiet time to ponder and pray to prepare for what they wanted to write and declare.  Then each of them had the opportunity to stand in front of the conference and explain their title and why they wrote what they did.  It was a moving and special event and described by many of the missionaries as a sacred experience in their life. 

Attached you will find two pictures of your missionary with their district; one picture as they were writing their standard and the second one as they were completed.  We thought you might enjoy seeing these pictures and sharing in the experience.

The mission is doing well because we have obedient, faithful and diligent missionaries.  We love them and it is truly an honor and blessing to serve with them.

Warm regards,

President and Sister Bullock
England Manchester Mission

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