Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dec 29th- Jan 4th


I loved the pictures, looks like Christmas was a lot of fun! Don’t worry, it was fun over here as well! All right, so New Years Eve and New Years Day we had off. On New Year’s Eve we went to a member’s home and we were able to watch Narnia. It was great they fed us homemade lasagna and also Elder Boswell and his companion were able to come. New Years Day we were able to have a “lye in.” After that we went to some other members and they fed us an amazing roast dinner. They have kids our age and so we then played games like catch phrase and scategories. It was great fun. Later that evening we went to another member’s home and watched A Wonderful Life. I am glad I have done that once in my life I don’t think another viewing would be necessary. So that was the holidays.

This week Martin is going to be baptized!!!  He is doing really great and has made some huge changed in his life. It is amazing to see how even someone in their twenties can gain the greater perspective of this life and change.

Last night while we were tracking we ran into some funny characters as usual. However, toward the end of the night we saw a man a little far off and he had reflectors on his jacket so we thought he was a worker or a policeman. We speak to everyone so we ran up to him and started speaking with him. After a short conversation we asked him if we could walk to his home and teach him more. He agreed and so we walked home with him and taught him and his wife that evening! Miracles happen when you speak to everyone!

Elder Davis is doing really well. He has a great heart and is a much more humble trainee than I was. However, it is funny to see now that the roles are swapped the things I put my trainer through!!!

The reason I am writing late is because yesterday was a bank holiday. Sorry this is short we didn’t have as much time. I miss you and love you all.



Ps. I loved the pictures!!!! Keep sending them.
PPS. I did not see any questions at the bottom to answer...

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