Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dec 20-29


I am going to assume that you are still in awe of our Video-chat hence no emails...

It has been an amazing start of the week. We have been able to teach quite a few people as well take part in a few priesthood blessings. Elder Eliason left us today for Liverpool and so we are no longer a threesome. He is a great missionary and we had an amazing time together. He will be missed.

Elder Davis is doing great. I learned some sad news about him the other day. If you remember, as I was getting ready to go on my mission there were two missionaries in Romania who died from carbon monoxide poisoning. One of those missionaries was Elder Davis brother. Regardless of that he is a tremendous missionary but adding that into the equation he is even more incredible. It doesn’t seem to affect him much but I know that it is difficult especially this Christmas time. Anyways, he goes out and works hard. He has already set appointments with people on the bus. I know missionaries who are getting ready to go home who still haven’t mastered that! He is doing great and we're having a wonderful time.

Christmas was great. I loved being able to speak to you. You did not disappoint, everyone was looking wonderful!

Well this is a short one. I love you all and am so grateful for everything you do as well for all of the amazing Christmas presents!!!! I loved everything and the flat smells so good now!! Tell everyone I love and miss them. It was great speaking to you on phone. I hope to hear from you soon...Monday preferably!



PS. Send pictures

Christmas Morning Jammies!

Christmas Day

Christmas skype call

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