Monday, January 24, 2011

Jan 17- 23


Wow, it has been another one of those incredible weeks. Miracles are not ceasing. First off, thank you so much for sending me your titles of liberty. Those were all really great (at least those who participated. Well I guess mom made up for those of you who didn’t!!!! ). I wish you could have all been there to hear the talks of President and Sister Bullock, they were likewise, amazing.  

Al right, well this week I have been on two exchanges one with the assistants and one with the zone leaders. On Wednesday, Elder Cowley (ZL) went out finding but before we went out we prayed that we would be able to teach someone on the spot. As soon as we got out to the bus stop we started talking to a woman and she agreed to let us teach her. We live really close to the church and so we walked over there and were able to teach her. To make the story even greater, there was a couple their doing something and we invited them into fellowship with us. In a matter of just half an hour we had a new investigator dated for baptism with fellowship!! God answers prayers!

For the past two weeks Elder Davis and I had these streets that we prayed about and felt impressed to tract. Because we have been teaching we haven’t had the time to get up there and tract and so it has just been in our back up plans literally every day for two weeks. Finally on Saturday night we had a few hours to tract and so we headed up there. We got off the bus and were not quite sure where the streets were but we felt good about the area so we began knocking. The first door we knocked was a man named Richard*** and we set up an appointment with him. We were feeling really good about his area and so we continued tracting. A few people told us there were only Muslimism’s and to try a different area but we didn’t listen and continued tracting. A few doors later Nicodemus answers and after a quick conversation invites us in.

He was incredible. We started teaching him and the spirit was so strong. After reciting the first vision, we asked, “how do you feel?” He said, it was kind of weird. I was like oh great okay well let’s carry on so I just bore my testimony and then carried on. At the end we committed him to be baptized and he explained to us why he had said it was kind of weird. That morning he had been praying like Joseph Smith seeking for answers. He wanted to know which church to join. He then accepted a baptismal date!!! The lord had led us straight to his door. He went on to say that he works very difficult shifts. Oh no i am out of time and the comp is going to shut off i will finish next week!!!!1




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